Rwanda leads in Banning muathini

Rwanda becomes the first African country to ban the noise eminating from mosques, demands for mosques to look for other ways to call worshippers to prayers.
Way to go Kagame.

Pheew atleast alkebab will focus on him for now.Atakipata

Ataona moshi


In this digital age, guys should be alerted thru their phones. Hata watu wa kesha should be banned. Once had a kesha in the plot I was staying, screaming & drums from kitu 7 pm till past midnight.

The next step is to ban churches that blast 1000 watts of noise when their congregation of 50 souls is no more than 20 meters away.

Rwanda is not alone:

mosque loudspeaker ban - Recherche Google

I reject this ban

The same should apply to Churches as @Nattydread says. And also agreeing with@Thomas online on using a more modern way of alerting their faithful.
@Kimakia and @sludgist not necessarily, Horn speaker were not available during prophet Muhammad days (green emoji X3) why should they react ballistically?

Not in Rwanda…don’t underestimate Kagame…huwezi misbehave twice in Rwanda

What stupidity are you typing here

Your mother

001 friday zile kelele hukuwa juu ya izi P.A zao :confused:

kama hizo kelele zinakusumbua rudi kwenu kiamakio

Kwanza in Eastleigh kuna like 10 mosques. Imagine all have mwathinis. Now imagine all the noise ikifika 0530hrs kila mwathini akiita watu.



Some bans are irresponsible and hold no basis apart from hate. If you pay a close look, you’ll find it all water’s down to an increase in Islamic presence .
Anyways it is what is .

Actually, that is the case.

In 2004, the newyork times reported that Islam was the fastest growing religion as more rwandese turned to Islam.

In 2015, a pastor converted his entire congregation to Islam. This is unheard of, to many of us!

The adhan has been banned only in the Nyarugenge sector. Good thing is the imaan of the Muslims in Kigali is so strong, they fill up the mosques even before the time of calling the adhan reaches.

Dear Ktalk Muslims, do you also note that Rwanda has also banned more than 700 churches?

Stop over-playing the victim card. That noise is not sanctioned by the Koran, just as the clanging of bells, thudding PAs and screaming pastors are nowhere in the Bible.

What kind of people need to be shouted at 5 times a day to go and pray?

Kagame is a cold mofo, huko hatambui hata kuchana veve or littering ovyo ovyo.