Rwanda Has Built its First Ever Gold Refinery

Approximately how much was the pay per trip

Those who defy get bombed. Ask Libya.

Kazini was extremely rich and is claimed to set up a secret army division which he would have used to remove museveni. They were on paper being received for DRC work but in reality kazini was going for the big seat. He sponsored a band in Kampala and was popular in the night spots and with his men in the army.

Museveni is a master manipulator. Kazini was killed by a prostitute who could overpower a seasoned soldier known as kalampenge in Luganda or brave fighter. Few earned that title in the NRA bush war.

People always mention Ugandans and the thuggish Tutsi Rwandese but they leave out the true thieves : KENYANS. :D:D

Mzee [SIZE=1]Moi[/SIZE] opened the doors for akina Ruto. They say that that is why some Rwandese genocidaires were hiding in Nairobi.

To move the gold out of Uganda and Rwanda it must pass through Nairobi City or go through Dar or down South to South Africa.

Nowadays you just fly it to Dubai or any other destination. No need for land routes


[SIZE=7]is it owned by rwanda or france [/SIZE]