Rwanda Has Built its First Ever Gold Refinery


Loot DRC. Sell the gold to mzungu or to Indians. Just playing middleman.

Western Media has started amping up the anti-Kagame rhetoric.
He either backs down or Rwanda will soon be ripe for some western democracy.

Safi sana. Kagame aendelee namna hio.

Tiny Rwanda has no gold but will rely on DRC gold in Rwanda army occupied areas of eastern Congo. I read somewhere that there are numerous flights from eastern DRC to kigali that transport minerals.

A brand new armed group is soon going to emerge from the woodwork to distabilze Rwanda. They can not be allowed to set an example for other African countries.

I’ve never really understood Paul Kagame. He is an Alumni of the United States Army Command and General Staff College.
Almost every country you can think of that has a violent past, has had an alumni of this school meddling.
General Katumbe Wamala of Uganda another alumnus of this suspicious school survived an assasination attempt just last week.
Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba is also an alumnus of the infamous school. Many expect him to take over the reins from his father.
Former president of Sudan Jaafar Nimeiry was also trained here. He ruled Sudan with an iron fist for 16 years.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, president of Egypt who won with a 97% share of the vote is also advised primarily by Ahmed Ali, another curious alumnus.
Laurent Kabila of DRC also relied primarily on another alumnus of the Fort Knoxx college, General Kayembe.
To wrap up the list of people who graduated from this college is former Chief of Army Somalia Abdul Kadir Sheikh Dini.

Anyway, it seems to me like Kagame for whatever reason has outlived his usefulness, or is perhaps being warned to toe a line. The drum beats have started beating against him. The Guardian, The New York Times, have started doing propaganda pieces on him. Not a good sign.

We have such a Gold Refinery in Kenya.

This Gold Refinery Enterprise in Rwanda is a laundering operation. The Gold Refinery is owned by Aldango Limited which is headquartered in Dubai. But when Aldango’s ownership was tracked. [SIZE=5]it was found to be owned by Tony Goetz, a company registered in [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Belgium. [/SIZE][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=5]Furthermore, the owners (The Goetz brothers) who are Belgian nationals were found guilty by a court in Antwerp of money laundering and fraud in 2020. [/SIZE]

A June 2020 UN Group of Experts’ Report connects gold smuggling from DRC to Aldango Ltd in the following terms:

[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]“Bukavu-based smugglers who deposited gold at Aldango Ltd during 2019 explained that they were paid in cash…Representatives of Aldango Ltd stated, in a meeting with the Group in February 2020, that the company might pay cash to individuals for small gold sales, but that commercial clients had an account.” [/SIZE]

Rwanda’s Gold Exports Fetched US$522 Million in 2020 – a 754.6% Increase | Therwandan

Links za these articles

Seems there is a lot of minerals being carted from Africa in real time

Place kaa Johannesburg they’ve been hauling gold from the earth for 125 years. Millions from the ground everyday without having to really develop the place just dig a few pits and put illiterate niggaz in there but in the refineries and strong rooms where the shining gold is kept you won’t see a black face.

Who can guess how much these minerals produce yearly. Kaa hapo Rwanda they made about 55 billion in 1 year, officially. Who knows how much was smuggled.

Its sad all these wealth does not benefit the locals actually it’s detrimental. The resource curse thingy

its an open secret western nations France, Belgium, Norway Switzerland use RWANDA to loot DRC and fund instability. while the CIA, America look the other way

Son Kagame has an expiration date, set by the Nations, He is just an asset

Iko wapi?


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And those are the sad facts. Why is it that a capable African leader must always be on a leash?

I once escorted gold from eastern Congo through lake Albert, bundibugyo in Uganda, then Fort Portal to a South African guy in Kasese. We, me and the actual porter got paid handsomely. I was a mule for a few trips. I missed two trips because I was otherwise engaged, the mule almost lost his life and the loot in a boat accident that claimed a few lives in 2012, the next trip he was mugged and the loot went with Ugandan soldiers in a place called Ntoroko! When you are smuggling you can’t report to anyone, you count your losses and go. Went for five more trips, bought some land and I called it quits.

Africa was predisposed to be forever ruled ever since each country’s independence which was not achieved but rather given…with conditions ofcourse…notice how every new african leader has to go ‘for a visit’ in US or UK? Lazima aende apige muhuri kwa kitabu cha kolonaiza. Soma Not yet Uhuru by jaramogi,utashikanisha

The late Ugandan general, Kazini looted DRC on behalf of the General Himuselof using the military. When he fell out with his boss, his days were numbered, when he started to set up businesses, a hotel in Kasese, businesses in Kampala and he started supporting his tribal King, Mumbere who was at logger heads with M7. He died mysteriously. His immediate boss didn’t last long either.

[SIZE=7]is kagame really pro-african ?[/SIZE][SIZE=4] i doubt [/SIZE]