Rwanda doing something about African Migrants

i wont lie, I don’t pity these migrants. At all. Yes, things are tough at home, but does anyone in their right minds think paying thousands of Euros to get from Abidjan to Paris through the Sahara and Mediterranean will fix his issues ?

*Moving on swiftly, Rwanda has done the right thing. But driven by emotions probably. See, enslavement based on race isn’t something you would watch indifferently. But these migrants are not just black. There is something extra about them. Along the lines of gluttony and stupor. Because, there are many other average and poor Africans who would find better use for the kind of money these West Africans, Eritreans and Ethiopians spend just to get on the other side. I actually suspect that some of these migrants would rather get themselves sold off to Saudi Arabia as Eunuchs than go work hard and live a decent life in Rwanda. Who knows maybe some see it an inconvenience being rescued

Anyone who would rather spend not less than the equivalent of Ksh. 100,000 just to get from West Africa to Southern Italy has a warped view of the world and is not the kind of person you would want to host in your country. Kuna msemo hapa that some people are naturally slow. Sorry to say this but it is becoming more obvious that some people are naturally predisposed to be slaves. How do you pay all that money to go sweep a street in Italy ? Ata heri uuze Bangi sasa kama hakuna biashara unaeza fikiria na hio pesa. Then you will be arrested and get free accomodation, food and security instead of slavery. I saw some Nigerians are actually sweeping streets of Rome for free just to get some goodwill. Ata mungu kama yuko sijui vile anaweza saidia mtu.


Saw some old man probably in his 70’s kwa hio clip yako. Sasa mzee kama huyo alikuwa anaenda kufanya nini europe? Kwani hana watoto na wajukuu who could support him back home? His now suffering in Libya.


Rwanda will regret this when the migrants morph into criminals.

They should learn from the mistake Germany did by taking in Syrian refugees.


Kama ni Naijas na Cameroonians, hao watu ni sumbua tu.


We Kenyans should also be very wary. Many will come here kutusumbua. We already have enough Nigerians. BTW I read in some Nigerian forum wakisema Kenya is the new S.Africa. They talked about how easy it is to con/dupe Kenyans especially our vulnerable slay queens. Ati Kenya is a money minting country if u use yr head …they said.


West africans Ni sumbua tu


There is another boat that has capsized off the Libyan coast killing more than thirty Africans heading to Europe.


There is something off about these guys on the whole coastline from Cameroon to Gambia.


Na hizi ny’angau kwani huwa hazipati hizi news za capsized boats? Every damn time it’s negroes drowning in the Mediterranean.


Am sure EU is regretting helping crocked Hillary in destroying Libya and killing gadaffi


Si wote, Ghanaians and Senegalese are a bit different. Lakini those Naijas, hata wale nawaonanga huku, ni headache tupu.


Asante, been asking the same questions. If you can raise 100000 capital you are not poor or useless but just plain stupid. That money can educate you to get some skills I.e carpentry, masonry, tool machinery etc at a technical college. Alternatively it can start some small business in the service industry that at least will afford you a meal and means of livelihood other than begging. Going to Europe to slave as an illegal immigrant is very hard especially with an oversupply from your other equally stupid immigrants.


Hillary ni sumu. While am not a great fan of Trump, am actually glad she didn’t make it to the top job. Wacha sai Trump is still beating the drums of war. Hillary angekua ashatuma forces Crimea, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Pyong Yang.
This video here was the last straw for me on Hillary




Why am I not surprised? Vile maoga wamejaa kila pahali.

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Nigerians and Somali are the worst people.

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I don’t think Rwanda can support 30,000 people. First of all, these people come from various African countries, so I don’t think they’d be too enthusiastic about leaving one African country for another. Secondly, Rwanda also has very many of its citizens as migrants in other countries. Have they done enough to make it conducive for their own citizens to return to the country?
I believe it’s just a PR move designed to shame other countries into doing something. Everyone will be like, “if tiny Rwanda is hosting these migrants, what’s our excuse?”


Hata hapa Kenya there are so many Rwandans who are unwilling to go back. Though it is easier for them to integrate in Kenyan society than West Africans, because most of them are not involved in crime.


true. And Rwanda earns some Bonga points off it. Chances are, the migrants won’t even agree to it. These are people who dream to get to Rome