RWANDA: Alcohol-Sensing Software

AMAZING! Rwandan Student Designs Alcohol-Sensing Device that Tells you when You are Drunk then Stops the Car.

  • A student at Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC) has developed an alcohol-sensing software that is capable of detecting when you are drunk.
  • Once the device detects that you have taken too much liquor, it automatically stops your car from starting.
  • However, unlike the AlcoBlow, the software automatically stops your car if it detects that you are too drunk to drive safely.
  • The Rwandan student believes his invention will go along way in helping reduce road accidents that result from drink-driving.
    -The new development appears to have excited social media with many congratulating and encouraging the young lad for his ingenuity.
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that one can save many kenyans bana

Si tuko na alcoblow kenya, tofauti ni ganiā€¦

@Meria Mata naskia kuna trucks ziko na alcoblow/sensor. Ukinuka fombe haigurumi

Hapo sawa

Alcohol sensing software??? Software??? You are a retard!!! Hardware detects the alcohol content,what you are calling software is embedded in the H.Ware.Brade Fockin!!!


ukilewa unajua umelewa you dont need a device kujua umelewa . upussss .

This has been available since the 90s.

Good attempt but easily defeated in multiple ways. Needs more R n D for preventing circumvention.