RV Mps should be impeaching Ruto, not Moses Kuria

There is no way one can import 10 million bags of maize into Kenya without the knowledge of William Ruto. Secondly, there is no way such a huge import would circumvent normal government protocol without the express approval of the President

Finally, there is no way an Agriculture CS can abscond his duties on such an important decision without William’s approval. Therefore, rather than the RV mps asking for Moses to step down, they should direct their anger at Mr President William Ruto himuselufu. He know who made the order, when the order was made, who paid for it, who got a cut and where the maize came from.

Moses Kuria is a convenient noisemaker and fall guy





We support Moses Kuria .Rift Maize farmers can go hang for all I care .Unga tunataka 100 bob


This man is crazy. The prices of the farming inputs are so high yet he expects the farmers to sell their produce at throwaway prices? This government should try and get serious.

If the same is done to coffee farmers you’ll understand how many livelihoods you may hurt…it’s this maize politics that has ensured western and particularly Tranzoia county to be pro sugarcane farmers. You are only but harming yourselves not the maize farmer in the long run!!!

For fellow maize farmers, just plant adequate for yourselves or to sell at a premium. The day is coming for GMO and non GMO shelves.

very low IQ thinking

Wacha hao wakale wapipinywe makei… Siasa mbaya,… Maisha mbaya…

Enyewe huyu ni mtu hajawai ingia kwa shamba. If RV stopped producing maize, the entire country starves… mtaimport mpaka panya.

If production price is higher than market price then the solution is obvious if you emotionally detach yourself from the situation… Stop production until producing makes economic sense.
Relying on government protection to keep prices inflated seems like a really poor long term strategy, far better to get the government to lower the cost of inputs.
At the end of the day government protection is just screwing consumers to keep farmers happy

I support. We import maize kwa wingi tuangamize economy ya rift. Just like sugarcane, wheat, coffee etc. Watu wakuwe equal. Hassolaz. :D:D:D:D

How well has that done for Kenya from shutting down refinery, shifting construction of roads to china, shutting down our manufacturing factories for cheaper imports? Then we want to copy paste the same to Agriculture!!! My friend, the relief is temporary, the real pain is coming. Unatanunua dollar 300!!!

This is why our ministers are people of questionable charachter. Their job is to say yes sir na kufuata masharti, sio kugombana.
Hao ndio viongozi tulochagua, sasa wacha tuvune tuliyotaka kwa miaka mitano ijayo

Ati shamba :D:D:D
The troll lives online

Wacha uongo. If you go to any part of Kenya from kwale to homa bay every homestead grows maize for their own consumption and sale of extra produce. So hii maneno unasema ya starvation is just hot air.

You know RV mps cannot impeach Nabii, but the courage to call out Nabii’s CS is commendable. The message is clear to Nabii that they will not tolerate bad governance, which is a good message to them and Kenya in general.

Yes, and the next harvest is next year February - March kwa wale walipanda August - September. Ama unafikiria mahindi humea immediately umeeka seeds kwa grao? :D:D

Wadau ,let me tell you the bitter truth, majority of RV mpigs mopped up maize ya peasants at 2k na wamezistore kwa warehouse s zao blackmailing the gavament to buy that maize at 6k per bag ,sirkal can’t be intimidated by small time mpigs

We still remember what happened last time, they even imported maize to sell to the govt. Govt can’t play with maize at a time when some people are working the whole day just to buy a packet of maize flour.