Ruto's new Jubilee Asili Centre aka TangaTanga HQ

Looks like he is now taking Wanjohi head-on

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Right on

If he is man enough, he should now resign as DP and Tanga tanga as much as he wants.

He was elected on a joint ticket if UK is man enough he should resign and call for an election:D

More popcorn

A small child can play with your father’s hands hair head anywhere, but not his testicles. (ancient African proverb)
Fisi 1 better get ready for opposition politics


You live in the U.S.

When and how do they vote for the sidekick like VP or DP or a situation like Kenya? It’s always the person at top of the ticket.

Kuwa serious. You Thurakus went to the polls thrice to vote Wanjohi a.k.a Mlevi a.k.a Muthamaki. It is not LootAll that drove you to the polls.

Now you’re here weeping about his incompetence. Safari lazima imazilike na Wanjohi. :smiley:

U lost it. Missed the point by miles negro

Raila is being played like a racquet ball

You would think.

Who owns the KQ fleet and guess who supplies the fuel?

Heard of the company Bakri? Guess who owns it.