Ruto's immediate reply to Gatheca


This is lack of respect. Sometimes it’s advisable to chesa shini .
This kind of behaviour will one day come back to bite him in the ass.

Jayden is totally pissed na ni mwiba wa kujidungia. When he was sidelining Ruto and assigning his roles to Matiangi, he should have thought about it. Worse still, mzee wa kitendawili entered the gvt and exacerbated Uhuru’s misfortunes.

hiyo handwriting inakaa ya Itumbi

I advise unye to use burdizzo atuondolee huyu nyang’au mwizi hatar before fools make a big ma
MIstake yet again


Ni ya mkuki

Hii ndio inaitwa slap ya kumanina.


Kura zitaibiwa.

Good on Ruto. You reassign someone’s duties then start complaining he is not working. Did muthamaki expect doyen to lie low and humiliated? Ole wake. Mum’s boy chose the wrong victim. This one knows how to make lemonade from lemon. The frustration!!:):):)na bado

Kenyans are very angry with this fake hustler.




From the responses in that tweet, there is a common denominator every one is calling him mukora and mwizi.This shows you that his vile character is known Mahn

20 years ago Ruto had no respect for Uhuru’s master, Daniel arap Moi. Back then, Ruto was powerless and poor. Why should Ruto respect Uhuru ( Gideon Moi’s subordinate) today?

Hii hasla would be a dictator and monster worse than idi Amin. If he doesnt respect his boss how will he respect lowly hustlers? He will be personally ripping the hearts out of hustlers and throwing them into yala river. Good thing we are sending him to sukoi at 8am aug 9. Hes too arrogant and big headed to be entrusted with power.

from the tweet its clear a majority of Kenyans know William Ruto is the pope of corruption

Hakuna kumbebelezana…nipe nikupe

Its good for a sitting president have ambitions, but they should at least be realistic, you want to tame Arror, yet Moi who was more powerful than you failed, how will you achieve your agenda? Half the NIS love Arror, the other half fear him.

He is being sarcastic.