Ruto's CS arrested with 2 million dollars of bribe money at Dubai Airport.. Credible information

Credible info from former Daily Nation senior reporter and NIS operative Vincent Achuka, who has started a blog after being retrenched…

A cabinet secretary who has had a fair share of scandals since being appointed was recently arrested at a Dubai airport for traveling with two million dollars in cash that he had not declared.

The money was a kickback from an international company that wants a contract and had summoned the CS to Dubai to pick the cash.

The CS however failed to notify immigration that he was traveling with a large some of money and was blocked from boarding his flight.

I took diplomatic efforts to enable the CS to fly to Nairobi.

The money however did not make it to the CS’s home as it was confisticated by influential figures who assisted him evade arrest.

It now remains to be seen whether the contractors who gave the money in order to influence a contract they are eyeing will get what they want.

Na wewe bado unangoja mommy akununulie uji wa blueband

The problem with bribery/corrupt money; is that once you test it’s sweetness and how easy it is to come by. You stop being a CEO and into the business of bribery chaser. Always looking for the next deal. That’s all most corrupt executives do. Travel the globe looking to score the next big deal with a heavy kickback.


Museme jina ama ni mnyambo ya perdition

We need only five years to truly empty the coffers. No wonder KRA is on our necks. The government must milk us further for the next term flow

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Shida inakuanga; you are given a target. You get a cabinet position but you have to remit say 10 mil US per year to the powers that be. How you do it … is totally up to you. Take or leave it.

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Is it worth it? I would rather die a pauper than to die from the consequences of lifestyle diseases.


age osha through cayman shell companies

2million is worth Karua to buy real human hair for 5 years. Saidieni mama

No way he didn’t know that he had to declare. Ruto has been around that route.

Sounds like a jaba story.