Ruto's BRAIN DEFICIENT Mjengo Guys Gassed While Protesting Appeal's Court Decision To Halt Housing Levy


Police on Tuesday lobbed tear gas at a group of youth protesting against the court’s ruling on the Housing Levy.

The demonstrators had held a march outside Milimani Law Courts waving twigs and chanting “haki yetu”.

They were clad in the constructor’s attire, demanding that the government continue with the housing project.

They also had placards written “Affordable Housing is not just a programme. It’s a lifeline for a better quality of life.”

One of the protesters, an electrical engineer decried lack of employment, saying he had hopes of getting money from the government’s project before the court’s ruling.

“Housing levy lazima. Mimi kama mfanyakazi naomba kazi iendelee kwa sababu bila hiyo watu wataingililia vitu mbaya,” another said.

Rusha hizo ghasia ndani.