Ruto's Appointments Predictions

[li]ALL CSes[/li][li]IG[/li][li]CBK Governor[/li][/ol]

  1. Super cs in charge of security and propaganda ; Oscar sooooodii

Waiting to see if they will reward chebukatineza with something or two

Huyo ndio the incoming cs for justice and constitutional affairs.

My uncle has been promised a ministerial position by Ruto

David ndii,treasury,national planning etc

But I predict he will bolt out along the way and write intresting articles on the elephant,if he gets to 2027,and ruto gets another term,ndei will not be part of it because his ideas and plans will not be taken seriously.

:D:D:D:D:DYou are probably right but let us support our new, government

Uncle or boyfriend[ATTACH=full]459590[/ATTACH]

Hapo CBK Njoro alisema ha renew term yake kwa ivyo watu wajipange na new CBK Governor

What i know is that the Ministry of Finance, Lands & Energy and probably Agriculture would be reserved for his fellow tribesmen