Ruto's 2022 dilemma

Ruto will have to make a big gamble in 2022.
1.where will he get his running mate
2.keeping the mt Kenya block together…

If he gets a running mate from among the Kikuyu, the rest of the nation may express their exclusion and refuse to vote for him by feeling like its just an exchange btwn 2 tribes …also the rest of the mt Kenya block(Meru,Embu, Tharaka) will feel used.

If he gets a running mate outside the Kikuyu tribe, well i dont need to explain this, Kikuyus can vote for a dying dog if their own is not at the center.

My opinion,
-Ruto should get a running mate from the luhya, and tell the Kikuyus on their faces “Give others a chance bitches”
-I wish Ruto loses, this guy is a disaster

2022 is 4 years away. Unasumbua na hizi thread za Ruto kila siku. Shenzi

do you know it’s possible to see stuff on the internet and ignore it

2022 tuko nyuma ya Ruto , waluhya tuko na border mob na wakale than any other tribe .

@Eddy Mharo fake political cunt analysist…

Lets us talk about development and service delivery by the government, my friend. We cannot be politicking 24/7, January to January, morning to morning!!!

Ruto’s best route to presidency is Luhyia…drop the likes of Eugene and Namwamba, bring in people like Malala, ask mama to let you marry a luhyia wife, we always consider inlaws to be our brothers…don’t attack Raila or Madvd or even Weta…come up with new catchy slogans that resonate with Mulembe nation…tunapenda vitendawili sana…then denounce corruption and appear to act, hatupendi wezi

Na pia aangalie bei ya unga:D

Hii siasa ya Ruto sasa imezidi. Yaani a nigga can’t engage in any other constructive discussion? So many things will change before 2022. There is even a funny theory that Ouru is eyeing the prime minister’s seat in 2022 with Ruto as president and a Luhya/Kamba as deputy president!

Anything can happen… Game ni ya ninety minutes +4

Pia Ruto mwenyewe amesema hivi.