Ruto's 2017 Comments About Presidential Debate Come Back To Bite Him In 2022. Roles Are REVERSED. KATENI MITI!!!

DP Ruto in 2017.

Let the thief go and debate with himuselufu like a MAD man that he is.


Good thing the media houses have also refused to cover other meetings like the rehearsed town hall interview. JSKS will have enough free airtime to explain his manifesto to about 40million Kenyans. For cows, it is a lose-lose situation

Raila is demented and can’t even stand for more than 30 minutes without collapsing. Mzee asifanyishwe kazi. We need him on the election day.

Meanwhile, the 5th president is William Ruto. Tupatane hapa in 2 weeks time

Ukiingiza baridi kubali iishe, tutakucheka kidogo na maisha iendelee

Raila will show up I think,but babu owino will land in style first.

In other news,ruto stands for nothing but power.the only other thing that makes kenyans sympathetic to his hustler narrative is his story of rags to riches.most kenyans husema if they get that chance…