Mlipiga kelele about dams, mmeona jina lake mahali? Mnachezwa. Zoeeni president wenu mapema.

Huyu kijana ya wanyama labda ashinde kura za cattle deep.

How i wish he vied in a diff place kibra is a bit tough for jubilee

I am not a registered voter in Kibich and neither am I for ODM or Jubilee, but I have a simple question to ask you fellow peasants:

If ODM wins then the seat goes back to Okoth’s family which will mean dynasties for dynasties, wewe na ujinga yako unasema hapo sawa. If Jubilee wins then it’s just Mariga who will keep earning more as you peasantry keeps on on been peasantry.

So what’s the hullabaloo about all this sh!t?

I saw korir nixon, that’s one tough guy. He can as well play dirty if need be, him holding the spanner for 2022 “president and beyond” , means expect some battle there
And the usual cry babies wasirudi waseme ooh serikali, si baba ako ndani!

that’s why, as a peasant, i will never join atwoli to call Ruto a thief. Atwoli gets paid to call Ruto thief. Team embrace are bankrolled by the state to call Ruto thief.Babu owino is paid to call Ruto thief. mmi sitatusi mtu kama sijalipwa.

I wish they could pay you to shut up for good.

:D:D :D:Dweeh! siku hizi unaongeanga kama boyz wa mtaa… hii site imekuchokora akili kiasi. i’ve just laughed at the delivery.