…speaking about corruption and wastage while officially closing the Devolution Conference. Now live on air…



He should be the last person to lecture us on corruption,until he hands over weston to KCAA,anything he says about corruption sounds shit

Omunyambi Niaje

Courage is chancing a fart when you have a bout of diarrhea…

Talk is cheap

wrink ama uko back bench hio mtaa???

Amemaliza. nlikuwa na watch nikiwa ofisini neighbouring county.


should i assume @gashwin = @ciokariga

don’t assume, he is.

Hiyo ni kitu gani?

with a straight face?

President Ruto

Mwalimu leo umeamua kutumia handles mbili Kwa thread moja.

Ndio @biraru awache kushangaa na mambo ambayo yamekuwa open secret for long.


Which country my fren… Ama ni hapa Elgeyo : Murkomen nation

Sikia manena, nani. :D:D:D


Wacha tuaibie