There is nothing more to speak abour Raila, Ruto viciously attacks Justice Maraga.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, sasa Maraga amefanya nini jameni?

Rapid dog ni mshuto wa punda ama?

Sema RABIES, sio rapies.

I bet a rapid dog must be a greyhound

Wa ingo badilisha hiyo rapid iwe rabid.

How rapid are we talking, 10 km/hr ? 20 km/hr ? please specify

he is no different from mandago just loose talk mwingine leo badala ya kuwoo voters anasema mwenye wivu ajinyonge.

rapid tog papa mulosi ndio gani ??

To be frank this whole post is wrong. I would expect a lot of maturity from a administrator of the leading social network site in Kenya.

So that’s why you couldn’t remove the stupid thread by muchunu.
You let your hate for Ruto cloud your judgment?

Tumbilidiots can hold on if mashamba’s mouth can be tamed

Freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution.

freedom is power. power without control is a disaster waiting to happen. freedom should come with some responsibility…

Read the constitution in full, Every right enshrined in the constitution also has its due responsibilities in excising them.

I am well aware about that.

Rooney ameamua kuenda Everton haidhuru

@Mundu Mulosi, I agree with @spear, This is in bad taste. I suggest u remove this thread.

Eleweni @monoballer ana chida za matamuchi and focus on his content if there is any

Calling him a rabid dog is over the top omwami.

@Mundu Mulosi can you have a separate account where you can post your opinion thats independent from your organization. That will allow you to pretend that youre not biased. Villagers know who owns the village.