Ruto working


Heads should roll, this is what is needed bold and decisive.

Ata sikujua kuna scandal huko,but that is the way to go.Afurute wote ndio the upcoming looters waogope kidogo

Sacking should only be the beginning. Next let them face the law.

Closing the barn, but the 3.7B horse has bolted.

Garbage. Degree muhimu sana

I did not vote for this man, but I agree he is working. I hope his team is as dedicated. A light lastly observed in 2004 kibaki time is slowly starting to pierce through the cloudy mess left by the handshake era.

Why couldn’t Uhuru take such decisive action when he was in power?

All he used to say was "sasa mnataka nifanye nini?"

There is a big difference between having a mlevi and a sober man residing in the house on the hill.

Why is the CEO suspended!! She should be axed. Suspension only means salary cut in half. Na ata sometimes they get full salaries + allowances in full.
Anyways that’s a good start. All public offices are rotten to the core. I know coz I’ve worked in gava

Tamu sana.

Ruto atafanya kazi, I have faith in that.

Hii ni hogwash.

Watu wafungwe tuamini.

We have been here before for optics.

Asante sana.

I was very sceptical of the dude bit even from his interview yesterday I started getting some confidence.

Shida yake is he works very hard but then messes up by appointing the likes of Ngunjiri, Kidero and Matako to high office…

A retatded comment from a brainless monkey.

Is it the president who kails people?

Uhuru drawback was he was a people pleaser ,that’s why they never told him the truth.
Kiti ya president nikama tu ceo , you must be bold enough to make hard decisions

I thought the money was just held back and was not lost? Kuishi kwa rectum ya konyagi surely deprives your brain of oxygen

So a kikuyu PS was fired instead of the Kaleo PS who is directly in charge of kemsa? It is the kaleo ps who should have been punished for the mess in his docket nit sacrificing the kikuyu lady.

Kagege, if the money is not in your pocket, then it’s lost because the billions were expected to in your pocket today but corruption messed you up and thats why your pockets are empty.

Isnt this the very exact question mliuliza last regime venye Uhuruto failed to jail all involved in scandals?

KEMSA was definitely one of Ruto’s must go to scandals because he features nowhere near it. Its the only scandal he is very confident non of his cronies can be implicated in it. So its only fair he goes for it to create the impression that he is working, at the same time punish those who didnt share in the loot with him. Otherwise every smart Kenyan with at least a neuron in his brain knows that for every KEMSA scandal, Ruto has partaken in at least tens of more scandals that are far worse. This is just thearics to trick low IQ bastards like you niggas up there praising the man.

Wasn’t it a loan? Ukinyimwa loan si you restrategize and borrow again? Najua unaishi kwa mkundu ya mlevi1 and you respirate aerobically but which is worse of the KEMSA sleazes….Ile ya Murathe ya covid of which 4B ended up in people’s account ama hii ya kunyimwa loan ya 3.7B ? Ama kichwa yako imejaa mavi unataka multiple choices ndio ujibu hii?

Halafu your rectal host alitisha ati within 21 days alikua anataka majibu ya covid billions. Hizo 21 days hazifiki?