ruto wins

ruto has won

oliambiwo na nani?

Olisikia wapi ?

Sharrup bado… Ngojea Chebukati

He has won the the title of Official Leader Of Opposition

Has won according to Millicent Humangwa

Media is paid and media is another hunger eater in society. The media feeds on anything. Just like now, you can pay media to make you trend. The same media can make you look bullshit when you are not.


I have done the numbers using all media-reported data (PDF attached for doubters)

Ruto leads with about 160k votes remaining 1.087M (excluding some votes in the manual register)

Raila needs a huge miracle to surpass Ruto (about 65% of all remaining votes) to force a rerun
to win first round, he needs about 70% of all remaining votes
As a RAO voter, I formally congratulate WSR for winning the election and becoming the 5th president of Kenya

Our beloved mother Kenya has officially gone to the dogs

This is nothing. it depends on where is pending. eg kisumu vs kericho can swing it either way

Kisumu has 606.8k registered voters
The data accounts for 429.1k voters (an impressive 70.7% turnout)
Maybe another 5-10%
Kisumu is done

Kericho is 95% Ruto
Total voters - 428k
Counted votes - 332.7k (a more impressive 77.78% turnout)
May be another 5% in favor of Ruto

Honestly ishaenda