Ruto, Winnie Odinga ticket?

Is it too early to speculate on a WSR Winnie Odinga ticket?
That would bring 3/4 of the country to a single block. A rainbow moment

Winnie has no sway. At all. Kwanza wesyern na nyanza…Hiyo ni Hesabu ovyo sana.

She doesn’t need it. Jina kubwa. Ruto is coming in with the votes. Shida ni a letter kichwa midway the term trying to wear her own pants.


I will be voting ruto. Huyo Mwingine sijui. Ruto should pair up with persons not associated with the 42-2 narrative. The likes of wamalwa, Matiang’i, Mutua etc. Johnny come lately should eat at the lower table not the high one

Mutua, Matiangi would be great DPs, maybe Duale is angling for that seat too, i hope Ruto rewards those who have built the Jubilee party, loyalty should be payed back.

I would never vote for Duale. Nefa. I would vote for rat first. Let him get anything else but never come near presidency.

Hawa watu wanasema Winnie odinga sijui mnavuta nini, waiguru akiwa wapi? Acheni kuota. Yani mnathani kila mtu ni zombie wa baboun, ngojeni 2022 mtaona

And is that cos there’s no Kikuyu on that ticket?

NO. it simply doesn’t make political sense. a red herring to distract from the great betrayal.

Kenyans, if KTalk is a sample of who we are we are doomed. We just vote it watu juu ni watu wetu or because we feel we owe them. Yet their track records are clear as day. It is okey. We have not suffered enough. When we suffer enough the psycophancy will just end automatically. . We will say no more, and vote in actual leaders.
In summary hii path tunachukua tutalilia kwa choo. Nisiskie mtu analia maisha ooh mafuta oohh sijui nini. Tukule ngumu hadi tujifunze kuvote in good leaders

Give two good reasons why Winnie Odinga should be in government.

There is no way that ticket would sell in central. Afadhali Ruto/Sweetie.

Winnie is a hard hard hard sell. Other than being Raila’s dorra, what else does she bring to the table?

Now, no. Tomorrow, no. 2019, no. 2022, no. Its just no through and through.

again you and my point are total strangers. Read my posts tena. Umesoma mahali i advocate for winnie?

Tuliambiwa all dreams are valid. Guka hakufika Canaan, kijana bado anatembea, bi ti naye…

Miguna Miguna is all but cursing

Fuck dynasties

Meet them in Africatalk

This talk of Winnie being president sijui nini is a red herring. Its aim is to cause disharmony in NASA by reducing the other 3 co-principles, with all their political experience, to flower boys. Mtu hata haelewi politics ya plot ataongoza aje nchi. Wacha apatiwe Kibra MP aanzie huko.

Ningemrushia a few words but the idiot blocked me on Twitter.