Ruto will be president by 10 p.m.

The Hustler Train has left the station and it is unstoppable. The One Kenya Alliance (OKA) team does not have any formidable force.
RAO is not welcome to OKA with open arms.
OKA needs RAO and RAO needs OKA. Will any of these blink? I don’t think so.
Ruto does not need anyone at this point in time. He is way ahead of the competition.
All factors constant, Ruto will have won the presidency by 10 p.m. in August 2022.

That said, all these people are clowns out to bolster their wealth. When Ruto gets the president’s seat, he’ll promise Rao and the OKA clowns that he will not victimize them. If Rao ascends to power he’ll extend the same hand to the other motherfuckers. Forget the rhetoric. These rich motherfuckers always protect each other.

Wish some unknown could rise and compete against these clowns and somehow the Kenyans get some sense and give him the mandate. Would be great to have someone knew to screw the country after many years of being screwed by these same pornstars led by Mandingo Jayden!

Meanwhile let’s remember to enjoy life because life is for the living.

all hail hustler nation. all bow.

Ruto ni @Gitonga

Huko Meru ground iko aje?

Niaje deepstate

The hasora will not even be on the ballot paper. Hapana cheza na deep state.

I doubt the 10 PM. Labda 10:04PM

itakuwa ngori kidogo. Sioni akipata. I might be wrong, but his numbers are not sufficient as yet. Aweke kando akina Wahome, Ndidi and Sudi…

OKA and ladies of the night hawana tofauti. OKA is ready to do business with anyone that’s willing to pay up.

If it gets down to OKA, Raila and Ruto, OKA can’t will lose. Raila should seduce the rich kid Moi and the presidency is his.

Wazee hawapati huyu mgondi kura. Hii jambazi ina chochwa na mogoka eaters na hao hawana vitambulisho.

Niko huku Kayole na huku ni ngori kidogo kujua lakini inakaa Ruto ameshikilia.

Away from the excitement,Ruto has managed to capture the interests of the security sector,he is seen as desperate and crooked,he will not become the fifth president,sorry villagers.

Poa sana

Since it seems according to perception, Sugoi already has this thing in the bag, what if he loses it genuinely. Will his people agree to the outcome. A day in politics is very long and very many scenario could play out.

They will cry wolf (rigging)