Ruto was wrong on SADR: ministry of foreign affairs confirms


Mnadhani fertilizer itatoka wapi?

What about China vs Taiwan? will Kenya recognise Taiwan?

India vs Kashmir?

Israel vs Palestine?

These wonks huko foreign should stop this nonsense.

Kenya should always act in its best interest and in this case given what Morocco has to offer, why even waste time with those sahara rebels?

Halafu since when did Kenya start caring for the oppressed?

Kenyans government have been known worldwide for anal licking antics. During apartheid era in South Africa. The government supported muzungu government. Tanzanian used to support ANC. Saa hii Tanzanian don’t need visa to visit Afrique du sud.
Hii tabia ya kulamba lamba nchi zingine tuache. As a country we suffer from low self esteem that why we try to appease other countries. We should stay neutral. Saa hii third world war ikianza tutupiwe nuclear si Sisi wote Kwisha.

hii ndio shida ya kuchagua tender-preneurs kwa government , they never see beyond today

Vested interest Kenya Saa hii tukaekewa sanctions we can’t survive past 2 months.

true, we are too beholden to many nations.
najua kama hiyo time ya apartheid, hot shots were trying to please muzungus for favors.

First of all, that letter must have been issued with the approval of WSR. I doubt that the PS can issue such a letter knowing that his term has come to an end.

Second, it is good that they have clarified. Ruto did not write rubbish about kashmir, Pakistan or Taiwan. He wrote about Sahwari Republic.

What does Morocco have to offer? The idea that you should worship money is what has put Kenya where we are. The amount of money
that is looted everyday is more than enough to subsidize fertilizer even without the involvement of Morocco. It would be great if Kenya strengthened her ties with Russia and benefited from cheaper fertilizer and oil.

They knew huko ndio wamestash their loot. Wana ambia wafenyi uuzie we freeze your assets,we deport your children to shithole. Ina bidii their tuck their tail between their legs.

damn! I now see how that fits in neatly with Mak Muga!

Recognition or not; its non of our business. We should stay neutral.

Njonjo and njonjo alone was behind kenya support of apartheid SA.

Dead men don’t tell a tale. Hakuna vile angesupport bila the head of the state without giving a nod.

mimi naona hio ni photoduka.

but i totally support WSRs deleted tweet. Sahrawi republic is shit, some desert land with stupid poor muslims. lets work with Moroccos position tupewe fertilizer cheap , kesi baadae

Ni kama mambo ya policy amuelewi wadau. Policy doesn’t change overnight coz so and so, came to office. Bure every five yrs or so, we be switching side depending on who’s in power and how they personally feel bout an issue. Nah … man. Shit don’t work that way …

Kwani how has Kenya been getting fertilizer hii miaka yote?

Ruto awache upuzi

“Staying Neutral” is one of the biggest Moral Offenses on this Planet …

It often means not standing up or speaking out for what is Fair , Just or Right …

  • Britain :
    Reparations , compensation and an apology for hundreds of years of Colonialism …
    ( …instead some fools here are busy mourning Queen Elizabeth…!!! )

  • USA :
    Reparations , compensation and an apology for hundreds of years of Slavery.

  • China :
    Freedom , Reparations , compensation for Tibet , Mongolia, the Uyghur People , Hong Kong , Taiwan , Macau and the ongoing Slavery and oppression in those regions.

  • Israel :
    A fair and just solution must be found for the Palestine problem.

  • Russia :
    The criminal Putin Regime must cease it’s colonial and military efforts to interfere in the affairs of peaceful neighbors.

  • Myanmar :
    The ongoing Royhinga Genocide needs to stop.
    The UN has failed in it’s mandate to send in a Peacekeeping Mission to protect this vulnerable population.

  • Saudi Arabia , Oman and the Arab Emirates :
    Reparations , Compensation and an apology for hundreds of years of Slavery and Exploitation …
    Billions in Grants , Development Capital could insulate this Continent from predatory Chinese “Loans and Investments” …

  • Africa ( in general ) :
    Despots and “Life Presidents” should stop waging , funding or supporting meaningless wars and conflicts with neighbors that cause so much suffering.

The main problem lies in our current Leadership…
Piss poor , corrupt , no vision , no Integrity …

I only recognize Palestine

:D:D:D:D sanctions inaweza malizana na ghaseeer za town na 1 week .just one week hii Kenya ikie anarchy state

Depends on who visits Ruto ata wale hustlers wa MRC Ruto will allow secession