Ruto Warns On Corruption- Watch His Body Language

I don’t even need to watch it.
2022 this will be your president

Hadithi Hadithi…

Ati Yala Towers ni ya Kidesh:confused:

Whaat…No wonder these fools could kill to get the governor seat.
But u will be surprised…most of these mbirrioneas have loans almost equivalent to their assets…most of the assets are loan collateral. That is why they steal “free” public money with a lot of abandon…No justification to the stealing however.

Body language. Where can I go for classes?

Maize farmers in West and UG haven’t been paid for 3 years.Who is behind the maize scandal?

yala tower si ya kidero!!bure kabisa.i know the owner,wariah mwingine source kuruka.he owns an aviation company known as blue bird ina pelekaga miraa somalia His son was a ps in the ministry of EAC

What is the use of body language? Does it increase the ugali in our sufurias?

What does Uhuru’s body language say about corruption?
“Last warning”,
" the very last warning",
" Haki ya nani, this is the very very last warning".
" Okay, sasa mnataka nifanye nini?"

Hehe iyo ni gazeti mzima inaspread rumors