Ruto Wants England To Fund Ksh 425 BILLION Grand High Falls Dams Across Tana River. NEW CASH COW

A Sh425 billion mega dam, likely to be Kenya’s second-largest infrastructural project after the standard gauge railway (SGR), will be among six projects to be undertaken under Kenya’s and the UK’s new strategic partnership mainly targeting the agriculture and energy sectors.
The partnership aims to boost climate finance in the country.
The Grand High Falls Dam, to be constructed in Tana River County, will irrigate about 400,000 hectares and generate 1,000MW of electricity, the two countries stated following a meeting between President William Ruto and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.


The project will be established on a public-private partnership basis, but the UK says it will take time to be completed owing to its complexity. When completed, it will be the most expensive dam ever built in the country.
“Led by UK engineering firm GBM, the project is envisaged to include both a power purchase agreement for clean energy and a water purchase agreement for agricultural irrigation,” the UK government stated.

Nani atajenga uchumi ya wazungu kama sio jasho lenu waafrika? In the era of the strong and the weak, the strong has the final say.

Kimwarer and Arror dams 2.0

Lakini if well implemented Tana River can feed entire Kenya


Wewe huwa mjinga tu!!! go back to technology section and wank there

Jsks amekuja kumalizia mahali unye aliwachia

Economic hitmen are making a killing, naona Mi6 have come to collect

The Chinese have to be edged out by all means necessary. The neocolonialist were not happy by their expedition up our neck o’ the hood and want them out. You will be seeing alot of development/infrastructure projects led by the west and less Chinaman.

Some European countries as very small and unless they invest in stable developing countries they have already hit the ceiling. China man is fast in delivery but also very corrupt. This why we need to balance the east and west influence. The west is bitter about China’s capture of Africa economy and might provide us power to respond to China’s corrupt means of dominance. China might go easy on us when she realises we have shifted our focus towards west.

I keep on telling you to avoid vitu hujui. Tana River to feed the whole of Kenya? The biggest dam is Masinga, upper most. Do you know Tana rivers water levels gets so low that Masingas water levels goes equally low? If Masinga is affected all those others down stream gets affected too.

The dam was initially meant to cost 150b

Walishindwa na arroorrr and kimwarrer but now want a new 450B dam?

Hapo 25mbirrions ni za jambass outright

Haha watu watembe Kenya kwanza saa ii venye kumekauka passed by Tana River hadi nikashanga kama ilikuwa a local stream of water manouvering across

Supply of towels and bed sheets for this dam project will be historic.

True. The water levels kwa dam iko so low. TARDA has also intensified it’s raids among those who cultivate by the dam. Manze pipe zako zote zinabebwa banae

Anapenda dams

So, having characterized China corrupt means of dominance as such, how would you describe the wests means of dominance ?

None is better, they all want to own and exploit. Mzungu has been doing it for centuries, and China is using corrupt leaders. They key is for us to prostitute ourselves between the two for a better deal.