Ruto & Waiguru

The two have met today at the DP’s official residence in Karen.
Insert Ipsos joke here

Mtu awajibike na mzigo yake, hii kisungu na catwalk mingi sisi apana taka

in a civilized country these two wangekuwa wanakula githeri huko shimo la tewa

Throw all the rocks and insults you can,but what do people see in this woman? What is aesthetically pleasing,cornea cleansing or optical nutritional about her?

The teeth nigga! Look at her teeth!!:D:D


Attaching files is proving troublesome for me but shit! She has shark teeth…

Masho ya luto kwicha ng’ala.


Kenyans did not need IPSOS to tell us Uncle Ruto is very corrupt. Just stating the obvious.

When you share a common enemy…

Power and money is sexy…

Kwani Waiguru ana mimba??Au ni hizi dawa natumia zinanigeuzia?


Who’s the other female?

ni dawa

Jesu mwathani, ino ni smairo kana ni uriru:confused::confused:

2nd in command wa Ipsos was accompanied by Kirinyaga MCAs to visit 1st body wa Ipsos

I foresee these two teaming up for 2022 as president and v.p

If they try they will fail… Both are stinkingly corrupt and think the sensible voters won’t agree…

Ruto for President…

Btw mwenye anaskia hivi hivi bakuri ni mob unaeza kunia kwa moja ukijiskia