Ruto Very Smart Political Strategist


NIS, State house bloggers-Alai and Ngunyi :D:D:D hoping to start an us vs them contest so as to raise heat

All kaleo MPs voted against BBI. Kaleos are always against change.
At independence they were in KADU and against KANU forming a national govt, they wanted majimbo govt.
They opposed multipartyism saying it was bad.
They opposed current katiba led by Ruto saying it was bad.
They are opposing BBI saying it is bad.
And they will also oppose all future amendments saying ziko mbaya.

Reading comments…

History will judge them correctly. If [SIZE=1]my cousins [/SIZE][SIZE=4]had it their way, Kenya would have been a much better place.[/SIZE]

Sound like accepting defeat. What was all that noise about.

:D:D:D:D:D…umesoma hapo kwa "when the people turn to vote COME S"my fren?

Are you ok?

Mp,Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills voted YES

It is called fence-sitting. Failing to provide leadership.

Yes. They have always opposed all constitutional changes and always FAILED.

What are you saying? Ruto never opposed this thing. he just decided to keep off it

but they were right in most of those points

On a sincere note afathdali kale kuliko the worst tribal outfit called abakusi.