Ruto-Uhuru Handshake In DRC Causes Jitters At Home

President William Ruto and Former President Uhuru Kenyatta were Saturday pictured shaking hands at a public gathering.

This was during the inauguration of inauguration ceremony of the president-elect Félix Antoine Tshisekedi which took place on Saturday in Kinshasa.

Tshisekedi was sworn in on Saturday at the Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa.

President-elect Tshisekedi garnered more than 70 per cent of the total vote cast during the general elections.

The election took place in December 2023 where he secured his re-election for a second term.

Uhuru attended the event as the Facilitator of the EAC-led Nairobi Peace Process.

Is this really News ?


Riggy G, Dindi and ichungwa typing and deleting


Ati jitters, what jitters? Uhuru will never recognize this fool.

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It’s meant to excite ojinga followers. This kind of news gets their loins all warm and tingly

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