Ruto to scrap presidential term limits! We warned you..

But Tūgegee from Centro never listened.
@Motokubwa ndio hiyo sasa.
Mūrega akīīrwo ndaregaga aķīhetwo
29 years to go.
Cc: @johnpombe

This will never happen.

UDA faggots walisema ati Uhuru is using Azimio to rule for a third term yet in less than 100 days, they are looking to extend term limits.

Believe it. This choreography is unfolding right infront of your eyes.

Sycophant have a way of destroying everything as they try to win a favour from the boss

Kagame style.
William Samoei Arap Ruto for LIFE!
I am very happy.

Tujenge Kenya.

Kazi kwa vijana.
UDA & firm Kalenjin leadership for life.

with hustler controlling parliament, there is a possibility . Referendum will also be pushed through in their favour…[SIZE=1]tuendelee kupunich uhuru…[/SIZE]

Doctor Ruto has great plans to transform Kenya and ten years are too few to unroll the plan. We need at least twenty years. I support the motion

Thank God for Dr Ruto.
Raila will never be president that clueless, old bhang smoking mganga.

Niaje bro? Nirushie kakitu nikule nyama Leo hapa Nyahururu

pesa ya hustler haijawafikia?

Mapema ndio best, hasora atawale ten years ni kidogo sana

Ruto is too young to retire buana

Wacha kulia. He is operating just like your friend Biden. Reversing his predecessor’s policies while destroying any opposition. Kwa hivyo kula ujeuri pole pole. What is good for the goose (America) is good for the gander ( Kenya), au sio?

Na tena Ruto is pro climate change scam just like Biden. Hizo gari za stima mtanunua mpende msipende.

Asitujaribu bana

Jitayarishe kupangwa my friend.
Ama uhame Kenya.
JSKS for 30 years. This is great

No surprise here… we predicted this.