Ruto to create post of Prime minister/Chief minister if he wins in 2022

Deputy President William Ruto will introduce the post of chief minister to accommodate political bigwigs in his camp if he wins next year, the Star can report.

Where did o hear this joke? Was it in 2002 pale Uhuru Park?

What about Dida? Which post will Mukisa Kituyi introduce? Ama the star inajua tu kuhusu Ruto?


Don’t shoot the messenger.

Ruto is just another bloody old thief in government from y2k kanu days over thirty years ago, mentored by biwott, schooled by the merciless rapist Moi, and wants now to show us his ‘new’ plans and ideas:D:D:D:D
Lord have mercy on the stupid thurakus:D:D:D

Huyo tutachoma kama tofali…fwaking thief and his loyal nilotes

ni kama akili zetu ziko na mavi…
i have never seen such stupidity in a generation… but we will see how it will go down…

Arithmetics, A Kalenjin President, Kikuyu Deputy and Luhya or Coastal PM. Alafu hustler wa mtaani ashikishwe yake.

Neither have I. I’d rather vote for Baba million times than Ruto

Sugoiman atawanyorosha mpaka mtii. Once he is perfectly settled on the throne, any pre-election promises will just be that: Empty promises.

Wetangula…same coin, different angles

Another post for the usual suspects to fill their bellies without any impunity.