Ruto threatens to shut down all religious places (dumping them like c*ndom)

I am an atheist but I think the government should not be dictating people’s choices when it comes to spirituality. Let nature take it’s course.




He can begin by regulating state house. Si ni juzi tu yule mama shaolin was accused of forcing state house workers to fast?

Yeap, Mama Ida saw it coming

Hii nayo haitawezekana, the politicians need a platform to spread their divisive agendas and the evangelicals happily provide them with that and go ahead to further spread it out.
It’s a comfortable marriage.
Hapa Kindiki ameuma nje. He should have been the DP, but I don’t think Ruto needed someone brighter than him as his running mate.

I remember calling out this toxicity in churches and the smear campaign by the same churches during campaign. @Mzalendo mkuu I’ve been vindicated and Ida Odinga was right. If it contributed to them losing, well and good.

A fool has said in his heart there is no God, atheist that is the redpill truth about you.

Seperation of Church and State …

If the Church break any Laws or endanger Public Safety …
Deal with them like any other Criminals …

Shenzi Kabisa …:mad::mad:

Actually I am an atheist because I hate all religious activities and not because of lack of god