Ruto the serial land-monger

JSKS is at it again in free land acquisition spree. This time round his big nose is sniffing at the expansive tea estates in Kericho. The land is leased to Unilever, James Finlays and Williamson companies by the county government of Kericho. The land is to be revered back to the CG upon end of leasehold.
Now the chief hustler visited the town over the weekend and ordered the governor to initiate compulsory acquisition of over 2000acres to be hived off the tea estates. This in disguise to ‘expand’ the Kericho town. The grapevine has it that the chief hustler and his greedy cronies wants to subdivide the land among themselves in the name ‘foreign investors’
Of late he has been behind the Governor’s onslaught against the use of tea plucking machines in a wicked effort to frustrate the investors into abandoning the tea estates.

Without the estates owned by those multinationals, Kericho town as we know it will definitely collapse.

How is the refusal of tea plucking machine a problem for the workers in Kericho?