Ruto tells Kuria people that he will create a county for them



Ruto is sure he is just giving empty promises to please them and get their votes in the next elections but in reality he knows he cannot do that because it requires a referendum which will give fodder to the opposition and disrupt his regime and might end up like BBI. So in short nothing like that gonna happen.

@Titty Twister mbwa ghasia takataka wewe

tuambiwe Promise ya NABII moja to kenyans yenye imewai timia

Wapi makofi yangu? Nimesukuma hii kitu sana. Nabii ametushow there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Migori tunaachia orangutans @Swansea na @Zoomx

48 counties

Politician akikuambia “in the fullness of time” just know it aint happening

Consider… Not I will initiate the process. The idea of more counties is not far fetched. The devolvement issue is like sand and water shaken in a bottle. Bado haijasettle vizuri. 30-40 years in, watu watajipanga kila mtu kwao, and it’s the citizens themselves who will want more counties or a reset of current county boundaries. It may be 2040s biggest campaign promise.

we will be very old then or dead

I’ll not be anywhere near the official retirement age myselefu.

Unajua huyu undergraduate @Sambamba is a closeted supporter of Ruto, he could have known what you are saying before posting this propaganda. Degree ni muhimu lakini sio undergraduate ya MKU-Gathondeki campus.

If you had half a brain that you attempted to engage you would know that Ruto has no such powers to add or reduce the number of counties. This would have be done via a referendum.

Don’t tag me on nonsense.

And in your bovine skull you think Kenya holding referenda on issues is impossible? Janitor please!

I thought the economy was already stabilized

This mafaka promised a lean cabinet , the same ninja complained bloated government is to blame for wasting public resources huwa nashangaa sana Malaya zake hapa zikimtetea tu Kama kale kamama ka roysambu

Let say a miracle happpens n Kuria people gets a county, economically they cant they survive on their own. Kuria doent hav any viable economic activity apart from patches of localized gold mining…They are better off fighting from withing Migori county for better resource allocation and county leadership positions

The problem with the average bonobo voter in this country and by extension hii kijiji, is that he/she thinks that you cannot criticize the president because you elected him… another example of such, is bonobo above this thread one @Titty Twister . For example how do you see nothing wrong with Ruto’s bloated cabinet.

Don’t take that fool seriously. He is proof that people can live with an empty skull.

Stupid Orangutans. You think i don’t know creating another County must be done through a referendum? Kwani zebu za Migori zinaskia vibaya aje tukitaka kujitoa? Kisiis have two counties we too need to separate ourselves from orangutans. @Straw man ni sawa tu niko na empty skull but ningekua jaruo ningekua nimepiga kifua kama mzito Arthur Obel but being a modest person heri kusaidia the affected. Quite ironic that your kinsmen @Straw man ndio nawasaidia zaidi

We will build 5 international stadiums in 6 months time