Ruto ruto ruto


These arranged photo shoots are demeaning and tasteless to millions of Kenyans who have been shafted by this gava

Hata kama ni photoshoot when did you last take anything in a kibanda?

Instead of asking ourselves questions why Kenyans can live in such a poor state or houses sasa tunafaa kupigia makofi kwa sababu mweshimiwa amekuja

if you told him he would tell you - your opinion…

I agree,ni kama anatapikia peasants

We will still ask for our stolen billions hidden under the mattress showing up in bahashas once in a while.

Who has your billions ?

Comeon guys give Ruto a break… he is just playing politics. After all, he is a politician

Kenyans are just whiners and baby-criers!! If Ruto posted a pic in a 5-star hotel, chaps will harangue & shout themselves hoarse vile pesa ‘zao’ zinakuliwa…He posts one in a kibanda & the same lot will again shout from the rooftops vile ni PR…oooh! nikutapikia peasants!! Classic case of damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Come on! I mean this class envy & cry-babysim is just too much!

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It is because you are accustomed and accepted your fate as poor citizens.this is mockery of the highest order…

I have never seen RAO in such a place, probably He is paranoid.

Politicians do this kinda stuff all the time. Moi used to buy maize by the roadside. Obama would go to the local burger joint to get a burger… I mean such stunts are in the playbook of politicians

Obama si alikua jamaa wa ma-weed kitambo. Huyo haulizwi

Even Uhuru was given a bunch of bananas by a taxi driver the other day and said he will have them for breakfast. PR at its best.

Si ata Bill Clinton alikua mtu ya weed. Although he said “I did not inhale!”. Hehehe

huyo alikuwa bill clinton

Ata Putin ati anashika samaki “with his bare hands” and proceeds to cook it and eat it. These politicians knows what plays to their local population

but isn’t she a businesswoman? Does it matter where her 20 or 30 bob comes from haja yake ni customer. Na historically ataambia wajukuu ‘siku moja nilipatia deputy president chai.’