Ruto right where he wants to be

As a neutral observer, this man Ruto is onto something. With Rift Valley and even a minimum of 30% of Central votes in his pocket, he is in a good position to negotiate politically. His choice of DP will be a big factor and can swing a region to his side. Ruto can easily negotiate with people like Joho, Mudavadi, Kalonzo and so on and offer them the same package that Baba will offer or better. Remember, politicians are only loyal to their stomachs. All he has to do now is remain relevant and wait for Raila to chose his lineup. Ruto now needs to be patient and wait for Raila to chose his deputy and other key allies. Then, he will offer the losers higher positions than Baba has offered. Kina Kalonzo and Mudavadi don’t want to commit to support Raila too early this time around because they are waiting to hear the offer from Hustler before making up their mind. Even if he loses the election, Ruto has positioned himself to be a formidable opposition leader who will give Raila sleepless nights.

I agree with you.

I also want to look at it from another angle. Currently, Ruto has focused a lot of energy on Central Kenya, Coast, Kisii Nyanza, and Western regions. He has a few lieutenants who have been very instrumental in delivering the votes in those regions. For example, in central, Moses kuria, Ndindi Nyoro and Ichungwa have been on the ground day and night to campaign for the UDA candidates. Ruto even didn’t need go Kiambaa.

These lieutenants now have a considerable bargaining power. They will demand the biggest piece of the pie. The question is whether Ruto will be able to satisfy their demands. If they return to kieleweke camp, Ruto will have no voice in those regions.

But again Ruto is most likely to clinch the presidency and no politician will risk being out of government. He will sure attract more foot soldiers as the election approaches. The question is what the deep state will do to stop him or tame him.

Deep state will let Ruto continue with his campaign because they need a fall back plan in case something happens to Baba or incase Baba starts making unreasonable demands. If they finish Ruto politically it means that Raila has no solid competitor and he can decide to be a thorn in the flesh if he sees he has no competitor. As much as the so called deep state does not want Ruto, they need him around so that Raila does not get ahead of himself. Without Ruto, Raila would be giving all kinds of demands to the powers that be. As long as Ruto is still around and relevant, Raila knows he can be rukwad at any time and he has to be nice to UK otherwise UK can easily throw his weight behind Ruto and that will just take 1 day to convince his people. This is a game that is being balanced carefully…you cannot let Raila get comfortable and at the same time you cannot finish Ruto politically because if something happens to either of them, you have a big problem.

UDA si uchawi

DP Uncle Ruto will not pick his running mate. Hustlers will pick the Presidential candidate, the DP, governor, senator, MP, women rep and MCA.

Let that sink in. You are all still stuck in 2013-2017 mindsets. Political dispensation had to change every 5 years as we learn from the 5 years that passed politically.

Days for endorsements imeisha. If Moses Kuria, Susan Kihika or others outside the party etc want to be DP then let them canvass for votes Kenya nzima under UDA primaries then we knows everyone true popularity. Kenya is full of politicians with self proclamation of vote standing that doesn’t exist in the ground. You will find most of them have numbers suitable for governor, senator or MP contest but they want DP positions. Let the people decide.