Ruto, Rigathi and Njenga; a convergence of history

In the early '90s Ruto under YK92 was mobilizing Kalenjin youth to rain maihem on Kikuyus. Milo was the epicenter and Bwana DO Rigathi was giving govt facilitation to Ruto’s boys to uproot sangria and eradicate madoadoa. Two cousins Ndura Waruinge and Maina Njenga constituted Kikuyu youths to counter the onslaught. Fast-forward to 2023, the beef appears to be on-going. One day Moi attended a fake mass burial of clash victims, oblivious to many the caskets had guns that were to be dug out by Kalenjin youths to escalate the onslaught, but not to Maina Njenga and his troops. That night before the intended parties came to dig out the guns, Maina’s boys dug them out. When Moi learnt that Maina’s troops had the guns, he called for a truce, and negotiated with Maina, allowing him to move to urban centers and take over the matatu routes and tax Kikuyus owners ( this was the main reason why Ndura parted ways with Maina and quit the outfit). It seems Jambaas and Bwana DO have never forgiven Maina

Nitumie 150 hii jaba imefanya tumbili ikue restless

Did you know that Ndura and Maina`s grandfather was the founder of the Maumau?..
Ndura is now masquerading as a pastor but listening to him you just know how much authority and power he still wields if he decided to go rogue.

Didn’t know. Interesting. Ngima yumaga mútuiní

Seems this was a divide and rule moi modus operandi to raise kiuiks gang against there own moi was evil if there is hell that is his dwelling place

Watoto wake wanakula mzuri sana, you can see that wameingia kwa gava ya Jsks kwa vishindo

He used it effectively. In the end Mungiki killed more kikuyus than any other

If Moi is not in hell, there is no hell

Ndura wanted to trim Raira with a rusty panga but ended up trimming kikuyu heads off.