Ruto-Raila Handshake could be brewing as Fresh Reports Reveal This on Sunday



Riggy G will not like it.

Riggy g ooooh Lord

Haha, the political circus never stops.


raia mkuu hawezi kubali, how do you expose yourself like the worst scumbag to ever exist on bondoland:D

worst move ever … babuon is a political harlot at 80???
betrayal x1000:D


Mkaazi wa bondo ameamua aje?

Mkubwa flani TSC alinishow we will have a ruto raira handshake before mid next year

I hope it is a joke. Incase it happens, nabii will loose big. Mimi naye tutakua kama maji na mafuta from that second henceforth.

Walimu na askari hamjawai change:D:D…any word from superiors is always taken as the gospel truth

You have to keep the masses entertained. This is to distract them from the cluelessness, lack of progress or rather their inability to solve the problems facing them.

If this is to happen, Rao will be the biggest political career ender in this country.

Once he did a handshake with Moi, it was the end of KANU. Uhuru the same. Ruto will be next.

mwalimu na askari husema “sisi tunaserve serikali enye iko.”

Although you can never say never in politics, the question is what does Ruto gain? Ruto still needs the mountain block. During the second term is when the drama might happen. Not now.

Ati you woke up at 5am to vote baba out.:smiley:

opponent wake io 2027 atakuwa nani?

Opponent wake last time alikuwa backed na serikali na parasitic owners of capital, dollar billionaires, na hawakumtishia.

what will Ruto gain from the handshake ?
Uhuru’s handshake with Raila was to prevent the demos and unrest by NASA supporters… and it achieved that.
The handshake also gave Uhuru some legitimacy after the NASA regions boycotted the repeat election…
and finally, the handshake kept the tanga tanga wing in check, otherwise if Uhuru would have fallen out with both Raila and Ruto at the same time, it would have been tricky

A handshake with Kalonzo would seem more reasonable, Raila is too big to fit in Kenya kwanza tent… he will carry away the tent soon or later

Ruto does not need the senile chieth RAO. bora a keep the GEMA community happy

In the short history post 1992 amendment of Section 2A of the old constitution that ended the one party state. The introduction of the new COK 2010, the incumbent presidents have been unpopular.

Moi in 1997 (his was obvious because of his draconian rule and only won that election because there was no requirement of the 50% + 1 requirement). In 2002 as he retired, Kenyans could not wait to see him gone and totally fade into oblivion.

Kibaki in 2002 was elected overwhelmingly. In 2005, 2 years after his election in the Banana - Orange referendum, the majority of Kenyans could not stand him. He lost the referendum and subsequently the 2007 election that led to PEV 2007/08.

Mlevi 1 was unpopular in 2017. Ruto will not be an exception in 2027.

:D:D:D:D:D… baba Abby just needs to deliver!!!

Hao wakubwa walidanganya jakuon