Ruto & Raila Are 2 Evils. They Are Nothing But Tribal Kings So Is Kenyatta. All Are Rotten FISH

This country needs a Full Factory Reset. The reasoning of an average Kenyan is first to think about “Our Man” This mentality will fvck Kenya and the entire Africa for centuries to come.

We can’t have a Turkana, Boran or Pokot president just because those small tribes don’t have the numbers to install their man on that coveted seat. Until that day that Africans realize it about character and performance Africa shall be poor.

If you start thinking about the disorders in Kenya, depression will kill you in less than a month. Just create your own good environment. Forget propaganda, forget reality, forget the crowds and what they follow, and you’ll be a happy man.

Game huchezwa na two teams kwa wakati. Hapana simama kwa fence. For now its Ruto vs the Dynasties. Msituambie mambo ya watu hawako kwa uwanja. Lazima mko kwa Ruto ama Dynasties.

Every tangatanga I have come across like you, has a hive mind, like an AI of sort, no critical thinking at all.

The fact saa hii ndo unajua hayo is an indicator of the problem bedevilling this country…slow minds