Ruto please give us a break to fight Corona

Yaani even Baba has stopped politics but Tangatanga can not respect Corona. Ruto and your team give us a break tupambane na Corona first. Politicians! Instead of distributing food, you are busy sending people to gather to protest on your behalf . Bure sana.

If there are 2 people who have been inconvenienced by Corona ni Raila(BBI) na Ruto(2022 church fund raisings)

Wachana na watu wa mendia wako na utoto sana :frowning:

Atleast Baba has gone mum. Even after landslide huko kwao Ruto still wanna play politics.

that guy is itching politics …ni kama mharo imefungiwa

I think its kina Rao and Tuju who started the fight. Ruto was just chilling untill some individuals rattled him.