Ruto picks Kiunjuri to be his running mate

Deputy President William Ruto will introduce the post of chief minister to accommodate political bigwigs in his camp if he wins next year, the Star can report.

The DP’s team is agreeable to a proposal to have former Agriculture Minister and TPS party leader Mwangi Kiunjiri as his running mate, though the matter has not been settled.

The DP has said he will run for President on the United Democratic Party after being shoved out of the ruling Jubilee Party.

That’s how he just lost my vote!

Chunga sana gas isiishe.This is a marathon and you are already sprinting. By the way who is your presidential candidate? Any idea?

Just fake news by star aimed at communic certain political narrative. In the same story they have said that Ruto has yet to make a conclusive decision on the same. Gatheri media stories

The only person worse than Ruto is Kiunjuri. Both are thieves.

And thieves will form your government

I hate ruto but the chap is smart , kiunjuri is very charismatic when he is speaking shiny eye ,very eloquent plus appealing to the masses since he won’t have dynasty baggage , they will package it as 2 young hustlers vs the Oligarchs and the brainless masses will swallow hook,line and sinker !

If Ruto want to win the election, he should choose a running mate from the Mighty Kiambu County. Otherwise, ashapoteza kitii

Which masses?
Anaway Ruto might nominate Kiunjuri thinking that he is no threat…just like what makufuli did on Suluhu.

Usi tharau ruto ! the chap has idiots all over falling over themselves to vote for him

Choosing his deputy will be a tall order

what is special about Kiambu?

News propaganda from Githeri Media meant to test public opinion.

Ruto should only consider a female running mate from outside GEMA. This will increase his national outlook and appeal. No guarantees here because of voter apathy and mistrust towards the DP.

will we ever know whether the Late picked Suluhu coz she wasn’t a threat or coz he knew she was the right person to succeed him?

She wasn’t a threat. Makufuli was one paranoid POS.

they will be duped kama tu 2013…

Githurai :D:D

There is no place in the world like Githurai.

Why not Kabogo

the confusion in the one alliance/NASA/ODM/Jubilee remnant may just give Ruto a through pass…

Okay, what is the alternative option for the masses?