Ruto ni noma saidi

“Our love started after Ruto sent me to seduce Linturi”…siku ya censure motion ya waiguru Keitanny aliekea Linturi mchele pale Naivasha, alikua amepewa instructions na nani?

Why would Ruto save Waiguru from the censure motion? Most of you will be disappointed to find Ruto and Raila and Uhuru in same political camp

Leta wrink naniiiii

politics is dynamic, alliances keep shifting…remember Ruto and Raila were inseparable not long ago

Our love started after DP Ruto sent me to seduce Linturi - Marianne Kitany testified

Former Chief of Staff to Deputy President William Ruto, Marianne Kitany on Tuesday testified that her love for Meru Senator Mithika Linturi started after the DP sent him to seduce the legislator.

Kitany said in 2014, Ruto was unable to convince Linturi to drop an impeachment motion against then Devolution CS Anne Waiguru.

She added that after all the options had failed, the DP requested for her assistance to soften Linturi.

Kitany said she distracted the legislator by taking him for a romantic retreat in Naivasha on the day the motion was to be tabled.

Her efforts were fruitful as the motion failed after Linturi failed to show up the mention of his motion – hence saving Waiguru.

“When the impeachment motion was first tabled in Parliament, Linturi and I were at Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge having a good time,” she told the court.

She was to later leave Ruto’s office after her name appeared on the 2015 list of public officials who were being investigated by the EACC.

The latest development comes in the heated divorce between Linturi and Kitany which has grabbed national headlines in the past year.

Linturi has denied being married to the former Chief of Staff in the DP’s office – describing her as a visitor in her home.

Kitany, however, has maintained that they planned, actualised and attended a wedding ceremony at the Senator’s home in Meru.

She added that Linturi also carried out an official customary marriage with her, met her family, paid dowry, gifted her parents in accordance with all customary preconditions.

On Tuesday, she played to the court, video of her wedding to Linturi, as part of her evidence.

Unajua maana ya wrink and its significance ?

How could he save her when he was the sponsor of the motion? Ruto was the main sponsor of the motion


No credible sources. Hii ni fake news tu.

Sasa leta efdense.

Kitany: We were having good time in Naivasha when Linturi was supposed to have Waiguru impeached - The Standard