Ruto ni Mwizi

Why do you think Ruto is any different from Moi? He has the same pastoralist mentality of raiding cattle, grazing without care and when the land has been exhausted and destroyed, go elsewhere and take from others, then repeat the process. The concept of saving and building up for ones children and grandchildren are totally foreign to him. He lives for right now, so he will overgraze even when you tell them that a 10 year dry spell is approaching. In government you can imagine how this works out. Theft from anything and everything profitable with no care whatsoever about the future, why care when a Mercedes is right infront of you. Civic Virtue in him amounts to respecting the clan who can raid the most cattle from his neighboring tribes. No law, no work ethic, no civic virtue, just theft and sedentary hearding. No civilization will ever emerge with such a mindset…"

Naomba kunyonya cloackau


Amerix alikataa hio maneno mkubwa

This is borderline hate speech against the God’s children, the Kalenjins.

But tutawaambia mara ngapi that as much as you hate Kalenjins, 2022 is purely a Kalenjin affair.

Mtameza wembe mpende msipende.


Bro I am not kalenjin but I have never felt so insulted.

Anawezaje sema pastoralist mentality

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Very stupid woman indeed. Aheshimu pastoralists. Mbwa yeye.

Bloody nugu nomadic malaya … heshimu nomadic pastoralist na cattle rustler’s. Sisi hapana tambua opinion ya mwanamuke kama wewe. Like a piece of art your is just to be seen not heard, tembeza kuma pole pole bila kusumbua ama ulete huku upigwe tarimbo vizuri na longolomoi. We pastoralists contend that we have travel rights over any land because of centuries-old migratory patterns that supersede modern land ownership. We will always graze and raid wherever and whenever we feel like and ya’ll can’t do jackshit about it … not even your government.

Niaje mgaza, mpango wa kando pale Lavington anaendeleaje

Hio kunguru nataka ku-deport back kwao pale kwangware. Lawyer wangu Otieno McOtieno amesema paper’s za custody ziko ready.

Very true. We saw it all during the 24yr nyayo error when all parastatals were looted to the ground, including KCC which was kaleos main market for milk. All government land including ADC land, forest land, govt houses huko kilimani, kileleshwa and elsewhere were given to kaleo cronies. All govt owned banks then like KCB, CooP, National Bank, AFC were also raided, and infact KCB was then known as Kalenjin Chukua Bure bank. Moi would give them a small note to take to the bank managers to give them unsecured loans that were never repaid and tax payers had to shoulder the bad debts. Biwott built Yaya centre with a similar loan that was never repaid.

If Kenyans want season 2 of the same “pastoralism mentality” shauri yao. Mtoto akililia wembe mpe. You have already seen warning signs with the 22B stolen arrori and kimwareri dams money and there are no dams on the ground and we the tax payers are already repaying the stolen dam billions.

Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos has said money stolen in the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal is being used to bankroll politics in the Rift Valley.

He said some of those involved in the scandal were using the money to undermine him and for other activities in the region.

Speaking in Keiyo South on Saturday, Tolgos said some of those who stole the dam money were bragging on how they will use it to vie for top political seats come 2022.

“I can assure them that we will not have seats for suspects in the Arror and Kimwarer scandals. They have undermined what was to benefit our people and no one will elect them”, said Tolgos.

Construction of the two dams has stalled and top government officials including suspended Finance CS Henry Rotich along with senior managers at the Kerio Valley Development Authority have been charged over the scandal.

Tukisema tuongee mambo ya wizi ile pesa deep state, shiny eye akina kibicho and gang wameiba pales in comparison to hiyo 22 billion shillings red herring they keep throwing up everywhere.

Trillions in debt na all we have to show for it is a barely functional railway to nowhere and a copy of tarmac roads. Wooi cry the beloved country

lakini kwao mwizi ni ruto tu, master thieves calling out small thieves

Emotions zinaenda juu

ruto anafuata nyayo pia


Cusititic and nilotic mentality

Heshimu nilotes ww mandingo we built the pyramids

Juu Raila, Uhuru, Madvd si wezi? Kuma yako na ya mamako. Ghaseer!