Ruto ni Mwizi...we warned you guys l

People were warned here for over 5 years that Ruto is a criminal. A fucking thief. But the non-sentinent sub 100 IQ people went ahead and voted for him. I swear to God I don’t believe it especially now that he’s going to pull off the second biggest swindle in this country’s history

He is literally asking is to give contributions to a housing scheme where they will either get free fucking land or be paid upfront to build ghost houses all over the country - which they will then sell to connected individuals to rent out. Not to forget they will issue houses to get votes. This is happening at a time where the country is at risk of default which may lead to one of the biggest crises we’ve faced in a minute.

I can’t believe this shit. Is there a way to stop him. Because I swear God won’t. He’s not supposed to be drawing oxygen.


You voted for him.


Wait mpaka 2027. Fuunda

this bill goes against our human rights LSK iende Supreme court for interpretation of chapter 4 inline with this argument .

Funda. Mtu akiskia mkiongea anaweza dhani ojinga alipata kura zote

@FieldMarshal CouchP says im exergerating the gravity of our situation because of tribe:D

Hii housing scheme iko fiti kapsaa … hasora anajua kire anafanya wadau. Hasora tawara nchi … tawara.

Which politician isn’t a thief?



Wasn’t this housing fund a proposal from the handshake govt?

Yes at 1.5% na ikakataliwa. Hata VAT was to be 16% wakasettle at 8%

kumi freshi

Who told ullium we need houses , kayole tuko tu sawa:D:D:D:D:D:D labda @Nipe Nikusifu nikusiphu mother needs new chairs at 3% deduction rate per shot

Losers die cursing and complaining its a disease aviod such people.

Lipa Tax Kenia ifike First world.
Kosa kulipa Tax Kenia ibaki kibra

Your point?

Who remembers “Uhuru na Ushuru” and “Kulipa Ushuru ni kujitegemea”. This is the practical application of what Uhuru tried and failed to do.

Lazima tumalize safari na nabii :D:D:D I told you last year that nyinyi tugege ndio mtalia sana chini ya hii serikali

sisi ni tugege tunapenda magegania