Last election as we campaigned for conman raila omolo, every talker here was against Mzee Rao supporting president ullium, why the change you pretentious motherfuckers?
I say we have not yet got enough brains , mkamba anasema ruto must finish his 10 year term mnasikia? Munataka aende wapi? We must smeer enough lube to be finished with the remaining 7 years za Mzee WA sugoi. God chose RUTO to instill some brains . It’s against God will to send him away this early .
MLISEMA LIWE LIWALO, now that LIMEKUA we should support the president 100% .
Jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi has my vote 2027 and that of my clan.
Kalonzo can’t help anyone, kalonzo is selfish , Raila is more selfish, now that JSKS has send home the greedy CS pigs that is enough. Let the man be .

A genZ pieces of shit can’t lead this nation, they will fornicate at statehouse bringing doom to all of us than the current doom .
The reason I believe RUTO is Okey is because he found serious debts za mbwa konyangi. Rao is too old and senile . The only mkora who can manuever the shot we are in is non other than sugoi thug .
It’s him or

The last option is too tricky to be trusted . Between JSKS and Rao who can be trusted? My money is on jsks.
Pushing RUTO out will call for elections. Hatuna pesa . Pesa ya kulipa loan tunaweka kwa filthy elections adding more burden . Secondly am 100,% sure another greedy spineless ghaseeer will be voted in . Kama mtu ameskia what else do people need ?
The ruto must go slogan is what will destroy our filthy shit hole once and for all . Kama Jamaa ako willing kufire his friends ameskia. I don’t know JSKS nor do I care but I know the direction we are taking as a nation to usurp the president will cause chaos .
Somali cunts walitoa said bare hii design we know what happened. We need RUTO more than we need air. He is the only one BALLular enough to govern this shithole for now

As esteemed elders with resources, we must fight those genZ ghaseeers in every social media using our many anonymous handles warudi kunyonya mboro na coomer huko diggy houses . What do they know about government and governing.
We should only keep presidency in check but not sink into chaos because of stupid slogans .
As a nation we might think we gaining reputation but others kama @255 are waiting for us to finish ourselves. We should have control measures like limited riots to keep the president in check just like France but not to humiliate him before the world or cause untold havoc and turn into a Somali kind of shithole

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Will shall decide whats next when he goes for the mpigs and SRC

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Wewe mbwa @Swansea am sure you are happily at united sodom, if we sink I will lose my many lands . I stand with sanity. Unaona @255 is laughing at us as we turn into filth.

Mps should be voted out at 2027 . Remember pushing a man past certain level will turn him into an animal. Enough is enough.murkomeno ako nyumbani manaba sudi has coiled into his kennel . Those two were what I hated most

Umeanza kuamka kurudi kwenye senses.
Nyie endeleeni na #RUTOMUSTGO

Sisi tupo na mambo yetu. We don’t care.

@PERDITION the difference between 90% and 100% is lifetimes we should push for even more if we let the looters of the hook we might not go the somali way but Zimbabwe or Uganda way surely beacons let’s push for more

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Waambie wenzako. Siyo ujanja. Mlikuwa mnaprotest for bill. Bill imeondolewa mnataka nini sasa.

Ubinafsi unawasumbua.

Sijakuita usome humbwer hii

Mkamba mjinga kumbe unajua kizungu

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The current president might be the best thing which happened to kenya.imagine if it was a ghaseeer like obako or kamwana will they have relented I applaud nabii.
We are now on the right path, we needed someone bad but who can bend eventually. Kibaki refused to relent and before the nusu mkate let’s remember how many people died

Ebu sambaza Ile mayai na greens

Nakubaliana na wewe chokosh.The centre cannot be allowed to fold under any means … the house will crumble.

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Bado nacheka

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@zakayo akwende kabisa