Ruto money laundering. Kshs 15 billion ya Kimwarer na Aror.

:smiley: Ruto is an interesting guy. He is trying to bring in the looted cash but serikali ya Kenya na Uganda inamwuonea 18.

Also it seems he first moved the moved the money from Rome to Turkey.

The Turks would pretend to be investors in Ug. and borrow 15 billion from Equity bank Uganda. The 15 billion will then be moved into Kenya for campaigns. The 15 billion in Turkey will then be wired to Equity plus a huge cut for the bank managers. Pure money laundering and corruption.

But Equity bank wamemruka sijui ni kwa nini. Partners in crime.

Remember Kimwarer was 21 billion Ruto declared 6 billion ndio iliibiwa. Hio 6b ilikuliwa na watu wadogo na CMC di ravenna officials, sijui they called it project insurance. Remember the overpriced towels etc. Everyone in that ministry ate something.

Hapa huwezi ona sani , spear etc. Lakini hii maneno yote tulisema back in 2018. Hio pesa ilikuwa ya 2022 campaigns.

It seems to be President of Kenya you need to loot at least kshs. 15 billion.

Anaitwa Rutodeh private investor. Now he will hire the noisiest Kalenjin lawyers in Kenya to help release those funds. Akina @WIGSPLITTA .

Why Kenyans would want to vote for someone who looted money meant for a dam for his own community is beyond me.

You will hear very loud noises from tanga tanga MPs e.g Sudi saying, “Kwani mtoto wa maskini akipata 15 billion ni makosa? Mtoto ya maskini hafai kuwa na 15 billion! Hii ni chuki. Nataka kuambia huyo Muigai Kenyatta na huyo mamake mwizi…”

Post safi sana Patty.

No wonder kuna machungu , Gachagua ksh12billion ziko frozen. waMuigai ameshika hawa watu makende.

Baana Hawa wezi makalio kabisa ndugu kenyatta

Personally I expected Ruto to be smarter than this.

This was the day he want to make the withdrawal. I think he met his daughter who was at that time charge d affairs in Rome. :D:D:D


You only make such blunders when you become arrogant and that feeling of invincibility.

Jubilee and its remnants should not be allowed anywhere near public coffers in this lifetime, but that’s just my thinking but the average bonobo voter thinks otherwise. Tunaelekea 10trillion debt banae hizi ngurue have stollen half of that.

And anyone with eyes can see that Kenyan banks are the major conduit for money laundering and corruption. No wonder they have outlets all over East Africa.

…but ruto is already popular ? … kiti atachukua asubuhi

There is no one true saviour.iwould have liked a true revolution led by a benovelent dictator from military.lakini wapi ukiingia cadet your first serving ni you will neva be a good tungangane na hali yetu tu.

[SIZE=5]Not to play devil’s advocate, but 15 billion is chicken feed compared to what the Kenyatta family has looted since independence.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Not too long ago Ohuru himself pontificated that 2 BILLION shillings is lost DAILY due to corruption, under his watch. A brazen middle finger to Kenya and its inhabitants.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If we’re discussing the lesser of the evils, Rutodeh is an angel compared to Ohuru and his ilk. I must emphasize however that both are equally incompetent and should be jailed for at least 1000 years.[/SIZE]

The only question about these analogies is how will Equity lend 15b. First of all, they would need a minimum security deposit of 20b (~120% in case you don’t pay). A 15b heist in one day would shake them to their core. And of course they wouldn’t fully trust Rutos assets as a collateral. With that guy you never know which ones are forged documents or hived public facilities subject to Sany activities. Mwangi knows him well.

But if it’s 15b, Ruto already has the cash in kind. At his helm, lots of tenders were being granted through his department. Murkomen take 50m here, 30 there, Farouk 200m, Duale 100m, a chuti here and there…… Come election time, they each give back some , 3m, 5m, 20m. Plus other well wishers. Don’t think those contracts were for free. Then he will liquidate some assets, 680 hotel etc. It’s not that hard to hit your magical 15b, even without having it in the bank. Between now and 2022 nov, you can purchase some nice prime real estate if youre liquid enough at huge discounts. I’ve seen people do it.

Ruto is the next president. The son of the carpenter(or is it meter reader) has run the country aground.

Kamwana usitishwe na mtu. Ikiwezekana kaza na pipe renj. Election time akuwe na hana pesa ya kampein. Since we know all kenyans politicians are dogs for hire. Fungua mreji ya dynasty hivyo ndivyo ruto mwizi will be reduced to be a village idler.

Msiwe na wasiwasi, huyo mwizi sahi hata akinyamba mahali tuko tunajua

:D:D:D kwani mlikosana

@Mushoga labda utuambie. Si ni wewe mwenyewe ulisema ya kwamba yeye ni mimi.

Hapana Patco. Sijawahi sema kitu kama hiyo. By the way mimi ni fan wako mkubwa sana

Patkonje niaje.

over to you @sani