Ruto kwisha! IEBC imesema! more handouts...ICC beckoning...nowhere to run

All aspirants considering political seats in the August 9, 2022 general election have only one week to attend public fundraisers, better known as the harambées.
In an appearance at a virtual meeting with the Senate Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs on December 1, the Chairman of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Wafula Chebukati, reminded aspirants that they would not be allowed to honor the public harambées starting December 9 (take note that Raila will declare his candidature on December 10).
Chebukati said any aspirant caught directly or indirectly participating in fundraising would be an election offense and will be disqualified.

Uhuru alisema jana that hii ni marathon, si sprint. I expected Arror to know better, given that he’s a Kalenjin (athletics legends)!!

Meanwhile, ICC beckons…

Hii itapea Ruto kura juu wajinga watasema this rule was made to stifle him. Own goal.

Atapewa akiwa hako kwa ballot? Even if he features there, all the elements are against that thug!

Uhunyee jana alisema game changa!

Ruto akikosa kwa ballot kutakua na "peaceful" protests. Can’t risk it again.

And that is why the ICC cases are being pointed his way. Trust me he knows what follows if he tries that nyef nyef! Nimekwambia game changa!

No need of even a dog whistle watu wataenda streets wenyewe bila kuambiwa na mtu. They will be "protesting for their rights" the same way Raila forced a handshake in 2017. Ruto hatazungumza hata.

He doesn’t have to be the one on the streets. He was not in the streets in 2007/8…yet he was indicted. We all know who owns the dogs even if they remain behind the curtains! And trust you me this time akijaribu watamfunga Charles Taylor style. ICC judges and prosecutors are intellects not githeri media hobos!

What will be end game of his peaceful protest ?

Ruto hawezi shikika tena. Remember in 2007 yeye alikua mtu wa mkono for Raila. If Raila wasn’t indicted pamoja na Kibaki what makes you think watapata Ruto. Don’t underestimate the cunning of that man. He is a nobody’s son who rose to the top. Hakufika hapo ako kibahati. Ruto haendi ICC tena.

Airing discontent in the way the elections are being handled.

icc judges and prosecutors ass wipe, tulia, game bado changa. Raila is old and his health is unhealthy.

like it or not Ruto will be on the ballot, the only card deep state has is to try a rig him out but then they have to deal with the chaos that follow. and this time there wont be any handcheque

Kenyans are not rational voters. By the time elections itafika hii incident itakua imesahaulika. Heck I can even bet common mwananchi hakumbuki political events that happened two weeks ago.

Ruto cannot stop giving handouts, that dude is not sure of himself. A corrupt fela who will always do things in a corrupt way. Why don’t he bride his death wishers too. Anyway wheelbarrows vs 6k?

The cost of Ruto kufika hapo ako can be counted in lives and lively hoods of Kenyas lost

The only fellows who could possibly do that are Kales… But they do not operate that way… They prefer planning to kill foreigners in secret at night… I do not think this will happen… The only fear WSR should have is ICC… anything else in Kenya is unpredictable… Judges will help him…

Let me educate you on mass action for free: No man goes to the street to die for another man for free. The only thing that can make people go on the streets is a direct threat to their mothers’ or their own lives. Hizi zingine wewe huona, hata Black Lives Matter, are stage-managed.

If Ruto is not on the ballot he would back someone like Waiguru and then we will see how a two horse race becomes a kings coronation.

She would win by 6am on hype alone. Kenyans will even forget how she became famous.

Yes! He is shrewd and cunning