Ruto kwisha: finished

Don’t forget Weston will be flattened next week.

Hiyo ya Weston will break Ruto. From there it will be downhill for Jubilee.

Siasa za tumbo. Are they like rats, abandoning a sinking ship?


Mtu atachapwa kiboko na Jubilee ni ule mama wa Kandara.Nafikiri bado kina Uhuru wanafikiria ni nini watamrushia anyamaze milele

They might just look for a recent or past scandal and haunt her through it. Or sabotage some of her businesses. Or use some loans arrears to destabilise her financially. Usicheze na serikali.

Shifo afraid hatuna serikali wala opposition. We are God’s children. Properly owned by the Kenyattas.

In this case serikali means the few parasitic despots who are currently controlling our lives.

Wapambane kabisaa

After watching them at the Meru BBI meeting…I got the hibbie jibbies. It is going to get nasty.

K24 prokopanda! Big headline and no meat/substance in the article. Trust me if one of the so-called ‘allies’ had decamped, K24 would have splashed the name, pics and what have you…sio such a generalised and an obvious propaganda piece.

Time for us to get some popcorn