Ruto Kunyolewa Jordan Kama Museveni, Mtamea akili


Ruto has been balding on his crown, he looks better with all that fuzz gone.

Melonzo should take a hint, but then again the sun is brutal

Ndindu why are you turning into a fag ? Instead of following the president hustlers policies you are following his hairstyle?!!!
Let’s take you to the lab for some check ups [ATTACH=full]468872[/ATTACH]

Props to his genetics, this guys hairline has really stood the test of time, he had full hair in 2013 considering his age… while my fellow born 80s are balding in their mid 30s. One thing i notice is politicians hairline, like how Sakaja has a helmet shaped hairline… that has alot of hair pushing forward… he should go for a procedure like Jamie fox ichongwe kama viazi…

I have a head full of hair at 55