Ruto killing the Kenyan Passport

This guy is busy making Kenya border-less by removing all visa restrictions to Kenya, globally.

Fucking Africans can’t govern. It’s only a matter of time before Nigerians, Somalis, Indians etc start jetting in. Knowing how corrupt our immigration ministry is, they’ll then acquire Kenyan passports by bribing someone at Nyayo House.

They’ll then use our passports to go to western countries thus increasing the number of Kenyans there. As such, countries like USA might establish quotas for Kenyans (like they have for Indians, Mexicans, Chinese etc) because no country wants an influx of immigrants from any one country. This will in turn make it difficult for you, a native Kenyan, to get a visa!

Now, as if that’s not enough, most of these guys from shithole countries are causing civil unrest wherever they go to. Panjeets wameharibu Vancouver and Canadians fucking hate them. Zoomalians are busy forming gangs in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands and people want them gone. Nigerians are scamming Australians left and right. These people all have KENYAN PASSPORTS.

Waafrika mbona hamtumiangi akili? You can’t govern ama nini? Iko kasoro wapi bwana?

Bure kabisa mafi ya kuku.


Nilisema hapa mara ngapi.

Negro Is A Bad Manager = NIABM

Can’t manage shit


How is it that African leaders always make bad decisions? Is it because they’re not exposed and don’t really understand how the world works and where Africa ranks geopolitically? If they did, they wouldn’t make some of these stupid decisions. Fuck!

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tuliwa warn :rofl: :rofl: msichana wa jsks anakamuliwa na nigeria scammers…sooo :no_mouth:


You know why EU is developed than us blecks? Because they let few High IQ people manage stuff, here is Africa we let the low IQ cunts manage the important stuff


Nigerians Na Zoomalis warudishwe kwao


A president without brains


Because ya’ll have nothing but look for bad news on the webs all day

Pumbavu ruto does not know this sheet. Either mkue his advisor or shutup kila saa NIABM na you’re all Ns.

Ya’ll can get multiple passports too if you like. Hmpfff

Its all talk ndio asifiwe



When you arrive those jungus are more concerned with the colour of your skin.

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Studies have shown that Somali immigrants contribute more to the economy of host countries than the natives

e.g Kenya

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Their brains can’t see the bigger picture,Bora wameshiba only to realize they need a toilet or a doctor


Share a link ama uteme jaba.

I decided to visit Somali businesses 2 weeks ago,they all sell the same stock,are not honest as claimed…some are violent when communicating…my conclusion:it’s just a bubble and realization of what social media is.

Big up to the few I interacted with trying to do other things,not clothes,kitchenware etc


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Variety is the spice of life, bora tu walete koki, fufu na jollof.

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What studies asswipe? Who studied the Somali demographics and their contributions to society? We all know mnajua kujiatambariza, Wasenge wale wengi ni wasomali, na madem wenu ni mafala kujipaka marashi chupa mzima na wanatembea na mtaro hapo katikati

Tell them infact JSKS does opposite of what he says . Kupata hizo passport will be hao Nigerian scammers watacamuliwa pesa msooooori that it will be only very few who can afford. Usichezee jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi.never underestimate that cunning ninja

Bro, 95% of your tribesmen don’t even know what the Somali flag looks like. Hiyo A- yako ingekusaidia uwafunze saa hii jubaland ingekuwa mbele sana, but as usual kile mnajua tu ni kujipiga kifua. Very narrow minded nugus.

Uzuri Ruto is all talk zero action

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