Ruto is now the President and Aliko Dangote is around

Ruto is good with business. Kenya is in good hands


The new political elite to get richer. Sisi wengine tuendele na maisha Kama kawaida. Tusidanganyane.

May God have mercy on us all.

Some Station is posting Breaking News, Ruto is now Kenyas President. Like who expected something different from today’s event?

Kubali tu

Akuna kitu nimekataa. We knew the president for weeks now, not breaking news

The dictators from other African countries are wondering what’s all about. They have never experienced a change over as they only succeed themselves.

But let’s agree. There was major representation from regional neighbors, impressive

Kagame look lol

Others cannot believe that Uhunyes project failed!:smiley:

Kagame pengine ana hangie, ndio shades :slight_smile:

KGame kiasi achape Konyagi1 srap…lolest

Good for them, a small flicker passes through their puny brains but in instant disappears that power can be handed over.