Ruto is loved in Murang'a county. Hizo nduru o_O

It’s interesting to watch

2022 in the box.
Sio muranga peke yake.
Cendro yote.

Mwizi wa pesa ya uma

Lakini , i wish Ruto was not a Kale, ndio angalua we try to balance ,tribe wise.

We have said that hapa so many times mpaka some of us tumechoka. Hii ni yake for his taking. I tell you my idle Mum is in like 1 million chamas. What she tells me…waaa…

Central Kenya is DP Uncle Ruto stronghold. That should say something big because its coming natural and freely. RV is second. Kikuyu-Kalenjin union has now become natural but that is not something to boast about or show of. Its not enough until we can say the same for all communities.

Kenyans don’t care about balancing shit… Just getting the lesser or is it wiser thief in??

The sentiment against Kenyatta is growing on the daily mpaka they had to stop the commemoration of Jomo’s funeral… Story za dynasties are picking up steam… Ongeza unemployment, CBA-NIC merger tax debacle, brookside monopoly of dairy industry, EABL (dynasties) sabotaging Keroche (symbolizing hustler mentality), HUDUMA number rejection, KRA shenanigans etc etc.

There’s no way Mama Ngina can remedy the situation within 48 months… The stars are aligning for Ruto, its his to lose.

Preach on bro preach on. That is what the problem is. The Kenyattas. We need to see the back of them and faster faster.

Personally I do not care about tribe. I think Ruto is better than the suggested frontrunners of the 2022 race.

Liwe Liwalo '22. The applause when Ruto was invited to talk was thunderous, yaani mpaka watu wakisimama ku-cheer.

Emotions at the ballot again in 2022…basically protesting against Uhuru to vote for Ruto halafu another ten years of dryfry economic shafting

Mimi nangojea hii referendum. From there it will be clear who the nxt president will be.

We have already been shafted by one of our own… A son of the land, a prince of the land if I might add… All the economic strides done during the Kibaki-era have been undone by the prince and the queen of that dynasty…

Our own blood has eaten from us… We can no longer feed our children the same way we did during the Kibaki era… Let us use our democratic right, our constitutional right, to vote this dynasty out of office… Whatever happens, happens…

IMO, it’s better to be ruled by a teetotaler. A sober and respectable man who has resisted alcohol his adult life, maybe he sees something that the drinking nation does not.

The referendum is a proxy presidential election…Ruto is a thief also but at least we will be able to tell our kids that you don’t have to have political lineage to be president with a straight face

I see your agenda is to remove the dynasty but i dont think Kenyatta family will exit kenyan stage soon…wameiba kuiba…all the eurobonds cannot be traced .halafu hand over power to Ruto:D:D
They know kikuyus will never protest a kikuyu presidency…ruto hata akiingia after some months protests will be everywhere
All systems are in place to rig in Matiangi or any other puppet that will look at Kenyattas interests…change at the ballot usingoje with the current setup

what i know for sure, hakuna vile bado mtakuwa na akili 2022

hii vitu mnaongea mnaongeanga hizi matym… ikifika election ni “QUICK!!! HIDE HIZI BRAINS KWA MATAKO”

Next year is gonna be interesting coz of the referendum and how it goes will generally determine the voting pattern for 2022

I can almost know your tribe, the one that think in a straight line.

The thing about wealth is that it can only be enjoyed during peaceful times… You need a peaceful society to generate and enjoy your wealth, without one you cannot…

So the question becomes, will Kenyans peacefully accept Matiangi or Raila… If Kenyans peacefully accept either, then kudos to Mama Ngina for blinding 60 million Kenyans for the 3rd time in a row.