Ruto in trouble in Mt Kenya

How will he convince this people to pass BBI and he had prepared them psychologically to oppose by talking evil about it? @spear

Kitu najiuliza ni,if all leaders support the BBI will there be any need to vote for it?
Atleast we save the 14billions ata kama they will eventually go into the pockets of the targeted few.

we must vote referendum must be supported by the people

kama 80% yagavanas wana support itakuwa ngumu, although ill vote NO coz of the addition of MPs . Ruto aamue mbaya mbaya akuwe nyuma ya no

He will benefit from it if it passes

Na wewe leo unatumia ubongo kama manure. Referendum is necessary when there are constitutional changes because we have a direct say. Leaders may support but the citizenry opposes. It still fails

i support BBI 101%

I have never used my brain in the right manner.You must be very stupid not to have noted that

People can be push pushed this way and that way and turned around and about the way the polititians want.

The leaders are a reflection of those that support and elect them. So, .ke leaders being the morally bankrupt thieves and prostitute’s we know them to be, Ruto can work out some sort of “win win” solution with Mt Kenya morally bankrupt thieves and prostitute’s population.


Yesterday I went for a drink at my local along the Nyeri- Nyahururu highway and I was shocked. The kawaida goons and layabouts you meet in any rural town in Kenya were signing those BBI things as if their lives depended on it. Majority did not even know what they were signing. I lost hope in this fucking country. Uhuru is an evil man. May he rot in hell.

What is v saddening is the fact that it is the youth who have been really shafted the Jubilee gava which had made some beautiful promises to them. Then proceeded to steal any money earmarked for them. Sometimes I really wonder how these politicians sleep at night after addressing the hungry jobless youth by the roadside in a shanty town. I would be v embarrassed if I was Uhuru or Ruto.
The other day I watched a video - WSR in some Masaailand event. He promised the youthmen half a million jobs if he gets to SH. I just did not know whether to laugh or cry.:frowning:

Mimi hii Kenya imenishinda kabisa. After witnessing the above scenario I was convinced high BBI will pass. We have a very backward, lazy youth population that make life or death decisions on the basis of how many cheap drinks they can get out of it. The pubs in shags are even selling half a drink because these sods cant afford a whole drink. Yet they make decisions like signing that BBI rubbish casually, they can’t relate their current brokeness with the decisions they make.

Me too, nimeshindwa kapsaa. The stories I hear everyday from my beloved Kiambu mashinani are v worrying/sickening. Uhuru our PORK who knows a thing or two about the pitfalls of drinks and drugs has done nada for these kids. But naaah he is busy enabling his inner circle to shaft them properly with this BBI nonsense. There have been several reported COVID cases recently and I tell you hiyo virus ikishika vizuri huko…it will be carnage. Total annihilation of villagers because our youth have wasted their inner organs with cheap akoho already. Amadioha forbid.

Hii BBI itapitishwa…and that’s it my people, tharrist. The moment ‘we handed’ a Kenyatta a second term was the moment we committed political suicide! now he is not only planning to come back ‘somehow’ but also bring in his brother Muhoho who has always pretended that he has no interest in politics, hello here we are!

Lol, guys in their 40s carried their mothers and grandmothers on stretchers to vote for these clowns and now you want to blame born 2000s. Because prior to that Kenya always practiced issue-based politics, right? Let’s all eat the fruits of our narrow minded ethnic identity politics without blaming people who weren’t even old enough to vote in 2013. Having said that, I’m glad the ‘kwa ground’ sacco is finally accepting reality. Majority of Kenyans will revert back to factory settings when it’s time to put pen to paper.

This is because the people who can make the relation support the same politicians who destroy Kenya.

The moment you people decided to support Uhuru’s Kanu mate in the name of finishing Uhuru is the moment you supported BBI. Kenya will change when you educated people become bold enough to support what is right instead of supporting the other evil

Juzi nmeona Gideon akidai vile that sham of a document will help fight corruption. Imagine that coming from A MOI, mwizi mkuu who drove thousands to poverty through bad policies and theft! If I was making decisions for this country, Moi’s family and kanu orphans in general ought to be discomminicated. They shld not be allowed to mislead any Kenyan.

BBI is good under a serious president…wakieka joker hapo juu atatuuza kama those stupid west african puppet presidents…

Dude, the only candidate giving UhuruRuto a run for the mullah was Jakuon. He will never get my support ever. Let Uhuru hand over the power to him if deems it fit but most of us won’t be behind it.
And things are looking not so pretty for your man.

There is no way this thing is good under any leadership.